Hi all,

So last year while visiting the States i brought a pair of Half X's and long story short, i managed to drop and scratch the lenses right in my line of sight.

I have been trying to get a set of replacement lenses for them and so far having no luck.

Oakley NZ or Australia do not stock the frames and cannot get lenses for them. Oakley US will not ship internationally.

My brother is currently in Vegas and has been going to stores and getting a mixture of responses from:

You need to send them to Head Office as they need a special tool to take out and replace the lenses.

Can't get lenses for this pair, best buy a new pair.

Ring customer service and order a pair. Which he tried but they don't take international credit cards....

SO, does anyone know of any other option?

Is there an online store, other than Oakley, that sell and would ship to Hawaii as i am going there next week.


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You can buy Half X lenses directly from Oakley with no issues of needing to send your frame into them. The Romeo 2 however which closely resembles the Half X must be sent in for lens replacement. The Half X lenses are quite easy to replace. Here is the link for the lenses you need Oakley HALF X Replacement Lenses available online at Oakley.com

He can buy them online then ship them to you once he receives them. Also make sure you buy a T6 torx screw driver ($4.00-$5.00), to remoxe the screws that hold in the lenses.


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as far as I know coolframes.com accepts international CC and they will ship international. They don't carry the lenses per-se (they order from Oakley after you order, Oakley ships to them, then they ship to you) but if you could wait a few weeks, you can get them. I'd say eBay, but almost nobody carries replacement Half X lenses on eBay any longer

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