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  1. Blalock

    Blalock Oakley Beginner

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    They are outstanding. I'd like to mention that these frames actually have three colors and look much different (better) than the current photos of these glasses on their website.

    Main (outer):
    Black Polished. Lower lens frame half (front) and hinges: Polished Chrome. Lens frame bridge (inside), bottoms, back and inner arms: Matte Champagne Titanium. A beautiful and complex combination that says "quality" but isn't apparent in the photos of this frame currently on-line.

    YMMV, but I think they look much better when you see them in person verses on-line, especially the polished chrome surround on the lower front half of the lenses. It was a nice surprise when I went to the store to check them out and purchase them.
    Last edited: 8/15/14
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