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  1. G. Christopher Lyn

    G. Christopher Lyn Oakley Beginner

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    Hi all,

    Anyone out there have a Titanium and C-5 Whisker frames...just wanted to know how negligible the difference in weight was...For the Whisker frames, as they are so thin and light already, are the Titanium frames that much lighter. In practical usage, can one tell the difference while wearing it.

    I have 3 Whisker frames, looking to get another, but in Titanium, but wondering if the extra cost is worth it?

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  2. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    I can't comment specifically about the Whiskers, 'cause I don't have some...
    The Ti Wiretap is a full 10g. lighter that the C5 version, and it's immediately noticeable on the face.
    My guess is the Whisker weighs somewhere around 23g.
    With the lesser material to substitute with Ti, if you were to shave 5g. you'd still be around 18g. total.
    Pretty svelte, no?