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What's On Your Plate???


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We have a lot of different threads that are informative, intriguing, and helpful in the off topic section. So to cover a few different avenues regarding food, meals and whats to eat, I am starting this thread. I travel out of state and to different areas all the time. Now we all love a good meal, but there are times we settle for what we see driving down the road instead of taking the time to find some hidden gem!!!!

With that said, I have visited numerous places which have been featured on Man vs Food, Diners, Drive in's and Dives, etc, and I have enjoyed awesome food. Lets use this thread to not only post up pics of "whats on your plate" but give us some short info about them or at least a link if they are on the web so we can visit them if we are ever in the neighborhood! Or at the very least share a pic of a mouth watering meal from your favorite place...and if you just wanna post a pic of "whats on your plate" go ahead!!!!

Also I know some of us are the self proclaimed, neighborhood proclaimed, etc "grille Masters", so if you have a recipe, meal idea or wanna share something you make, please post it up.......
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I just recently got back from Memphis TN and had a plate of awesome dry rub memphis ribs from BB Kings Blues club on Beale street.

I also stopped by a place called Alcenias for the best home cooked soul food in TN. Featured on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives..........Fried chicken, sweet slaw, beans and corn bread. This meal is prepared on the spot nothing is pre-mixed and it takes a Lil longer to get your meal then usual

Spent a few days in Vancouver and always hit up Momo sushi in Gastown. My bro and I polished this 56 piecer off. It was epic.
If you are near the suburbs of Chicago, the best hot dog I have ever had (and I've had my fair share) is at Fratello's in Volo, Illinois. It's right on route 12, close to the Volo Auto Museum.