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WHISKERS Different Size Frames And Lenses??


Oakley Expert
OK, this is really odd. I have 3 pair of Whiskers. 2 of the same 12-873 Titanium with Ti Iridium polarized lenses. I ordered another pair on eBay because the first pair I have, the lenses are pealing on the inside. I also ordered the bronze titanium with the VR28 polarized. Well, the frames and lenses to the VR28 and the original pair of 12-873 I have are the same sizes. The new 12-873 I ordered, the lenses and frames seem slightly bigger and a little more oval. Are there fake Whiskers out there?? Take a look at the photos. I find it odd that Oakley would release the same product but have different size frames. Take a look at the photos.

IMG_20110825_232747.jpg picture by midwestbroncosfan - Photobucket

IMG_20110825_232703.jpg picture by midwestbroncosfan - Photobucket
I was wondering that too, but everything about it seems real, including the titanium weight and the details along with the tiny printed text on the inside of the frame. The lenses seem the same too, just slightly sized different. Maybe it's a salesman sample or the lenses were not made right, so they sold them at outlets or something as is? I imagine the frame shape would match up if you put the exact lenses in there? I am thinking it's the slightly oversized or shaped different lenses.
I think I figured it out. I took the lenses out of both frames and found that the lenses in the ones I just ordered didn't have the cut to fit the titanium frame. These were standard lenses that go in the C-5 alloy frames and not the titanium frames. Those are special lenses. Thus, it was causing the frames to bow out more. The person I bought these from must have replaced the lenses in them. Think I will be sending them back.
Yep, I got the confirmation from Oakley when the coating on my Polarized Ti Whisker started shedding. Modern replacement lenses could not be installed on the Ti model they offered couple years back.

Still looking to replace the lens, if anyone has some ways. Please pm.