1. U

    Sold  Oakley Re SubZero 24K / Light Matte Jade / Opaline

    Location: UK Condition: New with tags Price: £150+ pp Re:SubZero with 24k Pryzm lenses Brand new with box, includes all paperwork and spare nose bridge, along with soft vault and cleaning bag. Some damage to the outer box.
  2. U

    Buying  Juliet 24K gold or Juliet gold

    Another search 😄: -Looking for a Juliet 24K preferable complet set as possible and genuine (considering the fake replicas nowadays) (can’t imagine someone having incomplete set coz of the value) -Or Juliet gold anodized -Price: make me an offer😃 -I will pay the Fee with PayPal goods/services...
  3. K

    Value Thread Ask About Prices Here

    Thought it'd be a good idea to post a thread for anyone who wants to find out the value for a certain pair of Oakleys in one spot by adding on to this thread. If you're wondering how much your Oakleys are worth, this is the thread. Please do not make lists of every pair in the world and its...
  4. U

    For Sale  Juliet 24k #747/750

    Hey all, Bought a house, need to pay for a yard. 24k Juliet, unworn, complete, it's been sitting in a case for the past decade. Looking to get $3250, but I'm open to reasonable offers. If you can provide proof of market price, I'll probably accept it. EDIT: Sold.
  5. U

    Sold  Holbrook 24K Polarized Lenses

    Have a pair of Holbrook 24K polarized lenses. These are the regular 24K, non Prizm. They are in like new condition. No blemishes or scratches on them. Asking $40 OBO includes shipping to CONUS. Thanks.
  6. U

    Sold  24k X Squared limited edition [294/750]

    Hi OF, It's with deep reluctance that I am putting my first and only X-metal up for sale as I could put this money to better use at the moment. I am the original owner of this beautiful pair, used very few times and it's been a long while since I last went out with it. Now that spring is here...
  7. U

    Sold  XX 24K - 2 sets of lenses. PRICE DROP

    XX 24k 8.5/10 tightness Original lenses 6/10. Backup 24k lenses 5/10. I don't believe they are OEM. I bought them off a member a while back and they weren't sure either Some frame marks, see pictures. NIB OEM rubber kit Linegear rubbers (full rootbeer kit and a few others) MF bag Message me if...
  8. U

    Trading  X Metal Xx 24k for Xeus!

    Hi, I’m looking for a reasonable trade or price on Xeus. I’m willing to trade my X metal XX 24k. Frames are 9/10 (some wear on earstems), vault is 8/10 (foam is perfect but some discoloration on the metal) original lenses missing. Anyone interested?
  9. U

    Sold  Scar - Iron Man “ CUSTOM “

    Hello OFamily for sale other awesome custom work by @zwc0442 this time this scar iron man custom with 24k non polar lenses in new condition, all is perfect, has the author's signature on one of the arms like you can see in the pics, comes with the elite microbag. Frame 10/10 Lenses 10/10...
  10. Jay-Da

    24K Iridium Polarized Lens Variation?

    So I picked up a pair of 24K Polar lenses for my Slivers today... and happened to compare them to the exact same 24K Polar lenses in my Holbrooks and noticed the lenses appear to be different when looking through... (see photos). Could this be due to a lighter/heavier iridium coating on one or...
  11. U

    Sold  For Sale XX 24K

    Sold please lock
  12. T

    My Works - Custom XX, OTT and More

    Good afternoon everyone, some time ago I entered the forum and asked for some tips to start working with customizations, but nobody helped me in the meantime, until today I have been learning and digging by myself, and I would like to share some of my work with you. Loving the OTTs!
  13. U

    Sold  XS 24K Polarized lenses

    For sale XS 24K Polarized lenses with etching 8.75 BC / Brand new $OLD Shipped CONUS
  14. T

    xmetal and plasma

    boa noite, sou brasileira e tenho 16 anos e comecei a me aventurar com restaurações há algum tempo, e gostaria de compartilhar meu progresso em xmetal e plasma, ambos sem qualquer tipo de tinta em que gostaria de me aventurar. Pintura 24k, mas não tenho ideia por onde começar
  15. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX 24K

    Selling this mint X-Metal XX 24K with original 24K lenses and shiny plasma orbitals (Last gen) Rubbers in excellent condition Coupler has normal play from factory Mostly a display pair Comes with Microfiber bag $475 Shipped CONUS
  16. U

    Sold  Juliet 24k (Sample)

    Juliet 24k (Sample) Adjusted nasal bridge, frame without scratches, bumps or loss of paint. lenses in very good condition, some slight and superficial scratches 9/10 Only the frame and black microfiber bag are delivered. Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message...
  17. U

    For Sale  Vintage (90's) Orange Scar - Butterscotch Frames / 24K Iridium Lenses

    Selling these vintage Oakley Scar sunglasses with Butterscotch frames and 24K Iridium lenses Perfect condition with no scratches at all Comes in Oakley sleeve pouch, no original box Looking for $165, but willing to consider all offers.
  18. Jerome

    Holbrook "Junior" XS

    Google never forgets, I just managed to pull this out the Google cache. Look for: Oakley Junior Holbrook XS OJ 9007 Looks like the real thing to me. Lens sizes are 53 mm wide and 41 mm high, bridge is 16 mm and temples are 128 mm. Normal Holbrooks lenses are 55mm wide and 43 mm high with a 18 mm...
  19. Jerome

    New Radar EV Path colors coming

    Just saw some new Radar EV Path colors on edel-optics.nl, here they are: Splatter Poseidon with 24K Iridium. Looking good to me! Grey Ink with Prizm Road Black, no specific information on Prizm Road Black however. The good news is PRB is coming for sure, now I want to see some specs on PRB...
  20. U

    For Sale  R1 Romeo Ti 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium

    Selling a few I really don’t wear. PM me with offers and I can send more pics if needed. Paypal only CONUS ONLY Romeo Frame: Titanium Lens: 24k Polarized & OEM Gold Iridium Rubbers: OEM Rootbeer. 4 gaskets are Linegear Japan black. SKU: 04-101 Serial: 056609 Rating: 9/10 Price: $old Comes...
  21. U

    Found  Juliet 24k POLARIZED lenses

    Looking specifically for oem donors for 24k Gold Polarized lenses that can be custom cut or already cut, as long as they fit in a Carbon frame. About to transition to buying diapers, formula, and what not, so probably my last little bit of "discretionary" funds to spend before I can't anymore...
  22. U

    For Sale  Multiple pairs

    Hey guys. I'm looking to sell the all the items below. All items include shipping to CONUS. 1) Fives Squared Polished black w/Grey-SOLD -Lens are brand new with no marks or scratches. Frame does have tiny marks in some spots, but overall in great condition. -Comes with microfiber and small soft...
  23. wesleyavieira98

    What are you favorite Oakley glasses ?

    I’m a huge fan of x-metal, so my favorite pair could not be different, even though I love all X-Metal pairs, I have always had a crush on the Xx 24k, so thats definitely my favorite one. Here are some pictures of mine:
  24. U

    Sold  Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished. ( New photos)

    Display X Metal Custom Gold, Copper, Polished The stand's are totally new and are in their original color. They will be taken to customize with the color of your choice. Price $ 75 each Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
  25. DeLorean

    Unworn Oakley Plate Platinum 24K Iridium sunglasses... what are they worth?

    Hi guys :) Back in 2004 (when I had money) I bought 3 identical pairs of Oakley Plate Platinum 24K Iridium sunglasses. Over the years one pair has been completely wrecked with scratched lenses and bits missing. The second pair has very tatty frames but perfect lenses (more by luck than care)...
  26. U

    Deal  Bundle price for juliet and Xsquared 24k pair

    Sup sup yall! Been realy busy at work, new kid on the way and life! Up for sale is a pair of juliet and a pair of xsquared that i customized to be a couple of 24k beasts! The juliet is hammer steams, 24k from a professional done, and xmetal orbitals. With custom cut 24k lens. All in imaculated...
  27. U

    Traded  LNIB X-Squared 24K w/ Titanium Irid Polarized OO6011-10

    Offering my Oakley X-Squared 24k glasses. They have never been worn only on display since purchase. All original box items are included; box, original collector's coin, x-metal soft case, microfiber bag, and spare nose pads. You will not find a more flawless example. $OLD Shipped CONUS
  28. R

    First Gen 24k XX question

    Hello everyone, I just found this forum and seems like you would be the folks to ask. I have a pair of 24K X-Metal XX that I need lenses, nose and socks. I originally purchased with prescription gold Iridium and have since had my eyes corrected. Couldn't bring myself to part ways with the...
  29. U

    Sold  R1 24K Iridium Lens Kit

    R1 24k lenses Asking Sold!! Shipped Canada and US Standard / Paypal
  30. SolarOracle

    Some of my favorite X-Metal

    Three of my favorite pieces in my collection! For me they are a staple for any X-Metal collection, I like the color combo. Custom XX TIO2 w/ 24k Custom Romeo 1 X-Metal w/ Violet Juliet Polished Ichiro w/ Emerald Ichiro