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  1. U

    Sold Oakley Flak Jacket 1.0 Polished Black/Black Iridium #12-791 LIVESTRONG Yellow with Oakley case and extra polarized lenses

    More pics here: Oakley I am the second owner, but the "Livestrong" etched lenses were not used at all by me, nor the original owner - just stored in the case so the lenses are ostensibly, new. I also used black earsocks instead of the yellow the few times I wore the glasses. Comes as...
  2. U

    Sold Flak Jacket XLJ - Matte White w/ Ice Iridium

    Hey dudes, Selling a pair of Flak Jacket XLJs, pretty much mint condition, only worn a few times and just sit on my shelf... The frame is matte white... icons satin silver... lenses are ice iridium, non-polarized, (large version). Absolutely no blemishes or marks on the frames or lenses...
  3. TheFinisher

    Original Oakley Flak jacket ? ( snowboard/ski jacket)

    I’m pretty sure this was called the flak jacket when I bought it in Chamonix, Mont Blanc , France, back in the 90’s if I remember right . Still in excellent condition. Detachable hood , powder skirt and pit zips .
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    For Sale Selling Majority of Collection

    Looking to sell most of my collection. All prices include price shipped, I will only sell within with United States. *Made original post in X-Metal Collection by mistake, has been closed* I will be adding more sunglasses as I get time to take pictures and post them on here. Jawbreakers, EV...
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    Deal M Frame Splatter +Red Heater / Gold Heater

    M Frame I Rattle-Can-Extravaganza Special I +Red Heater / Gold Heater $140 Shipped in CONUS May Entertain Trades, But Cash Preferred (2) Storage Baggies + Zipper Vault Case EDIT IMGUR Album to best understand wrinkles Blue Splat Hi-Rez Images Worth noting that I had difficulty capturing...
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    Sold Frame Flak jacket (new) $ 35

    Marco Flak jacket (new) Price $ 35 Free shipping to the USA Pay by Paypal.
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    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ Rootbeer

    Rootbeer Flak Jacket XLJ 24-901 8/10 condition - arms still have a bit of snappiness in the hinge, some fading to the center icon, some scuffs around. Fresh Rootbeer ear-sock kit + nose bombs w/ spares. Aftermarket Polarized Ruby Iridium lenses, there's a blemish to the outside right of R lens...
  8. U

    For Sale Large Nose Pieces

    Got an abundance of larger nose pieces and I don't need any of them. Hoping they can be put to better use. $5 shipped for each. Jawbone/Racing Jackets Black = All Sold White = 2 Radar/Radarlock Grey = 5 Red = 2 Black = 17 Half Jacket 1.0 Black = 8 Golden Rod = 1 Flak Jacket 1.0 Black = 4...
  9. U

    Buying Flak Jacket Berry Frame or 03-887 Berry/G20 Black Irdm

    Badly needing a Berry Frame to complete my Flak Jacket collection!
  10. U

    Buying Flak Jacket XLJ Lenses

    It's been a while since I got new lenses and my current ones are scratched to hell. Show me what you got for Flak Jacket XLJ lenses. Polarized welcome and I wouldn't mind replacing my G30's. Thanks
  11. U

    Sold Frame Flak Jacket brown and rootbeer (new)

    Frame Flak Jacket brown and rootbeer (new) Price $ 47 each Free Shipping In United States pay by Paypal
  12. D

    Polarized etching on lens

    I bought a new pair of oakley flak jacket xlj polarized on ebay and I received them yesterday and can someone please tell me what side of the lens polarized is etched on. Like the front or back side. I thought it was on the front but these are on the back
  13. T

    Regular flak jacket lenses in Asian fit frames

    Hi everyone, New to the forums, but was wondering if the regular flak jacket lenses fit into the Asian fit flak jacket frames? They don’t make the color way I like in the Asian fit, so it would be nice if the regular would work. Thanks!
  14. D

    Flak Jacket earsocks on M Frame 2.0?

    Hey yall, I'm an Oakley newbie but I've lurked around a bit and see that this forum has a wealth of knowledge. I recently bought some grey M Frame 2.0s for work (industrial construction). I'm ok with the regular black socks for now, but is there another earsock out there that will work on these...
  15. U

    For Sale O-matter sale (added frames)

    1. Flak jacket $85 $70 SOLD! 2. Half-jacket 2.0 $80 $65 SOLD! 3. Canteen $85 $65 SOLD! 3. Triggerman $70 SOLD! 4. Radarlock $75 $55 SOLD!no box or case (lenses have minor marks nothing major) 5. Xx black rubbers $20 SOLD (o matter) 6. Pewter/BI hatchet $ 100 SOLD! . Frame, rubbers, hinges are...
  16. S

    Persimmon or Persimmon transition?

    Is it flak jacket standard persimmon transition or just Persimmon transition..there's an SKU of 11-433 which is flak jacket standard matte black persimmon to grey transition.. But I am not sure..any experts on flak jackets out there?
  17. B

    Is Fast Jacket Case Unique?

    I'm struggling to get a definitive answer to this, many say the Flak case is the same as for the Fast Jacket, but I have a (slotted) Flak/Half case and it's not a great fit for the Fast Jacket - doable but not exactly slotting neatly in. So, does anyone know for sure if the Fast actually does...
  18. Freezedry

    Flak 2.0

    Just bought 3 new pairs of flak 2.0 (AF). I will swap their lenses. Hope Oakley will have more colour way for Asian fit sunglasses :)
  19. Oak Heel

    Flak Jacket Prizm Deep Water Lenses?

    Just purchased Deep Water Prizm Lenses for my Flak Jacket by phone, but realized afterwards in the details it says lens color is deep blue iridium polarized. The product description and heading implies you are getting the Prizm deep water polarized lenses. Confused about which lens you get the...
  20. U

    Sold Flak Jacket Frame - Grey Smoke

    I have a Flak Jacket frame for sale, color is gray smoke. It was part of a custom build I did a while back but really never wear. Only worn a handful of times, they are practically brand new. No scratches or dings. $50 shipped in CONUS, FF or add 4%. Thanks.
  21. U

    Trading Flak Jacket Frame

    I'm looking to trade this white Flak Jacket frame for a polished black frame. This frame wasn't my first choice so I didn't wear it often. It's in great shape. I bought them custom so no serial number is on the arm. Just looking to trade straight up frame for frame no lenses included. First...
  22. yanki01

    New Flak 2.0's!

    I always liked my Fast Jackets but due to the lack of options on lenses since they're being discontinued, I decided to try something else. Of course the F&F discount helped my make a decision on what I was going to buy. Flak 2.0 Matte black frame, white O Sapphire Iridium Polarized XL Prizm...
  23. yanki01

    Let's see your Flak 2.0

    I didn't see a thread on this but very interested in seeing all the custom Flak 2.0's out there. I'm interested in ditching my Fast Jackets for the Flak 2.0 since they have more options and not being discontinued, obviously. Let's see what you got.
  24. Mattikins

    Price difference from Standard to Polarized Lenses

    Has anyone noticed the larger price difference when buying a pair polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized as compared to the price difference between just buying polarized lenses vs non-polarized lenses. Example. Polarized flak jackets are $210 vs $150 for non polarized, therefore a $60...
  25. U

    For Sale Flak Jacket XLJ Jade Iridium Polarized Lenses

    I'm selling my Jade Iridium Polarized lenses for Flak Jacket XLJ. I have so many replacement lenses and unfortunately these never get used. They have absolutely no blemishes, scratches or defects. Only worn a handful of times and cared for meticulously. Asking $55 shipped, U.S. only. Not...
  26. Don Montalvo

    Hiya, long time Oakley fanboy (since Eyeshades - thanks Greg LeMond!)

    I own 2x M Frame, 1x Whisker, and lots'a extra lenses. I need to buy an RX set of Flak sunglasses for this Summer. But I'm confused: Flak Jacket Flak 2.0 Flak 2.0 XL I can't seem to find a comparison matrix/chart anywhere that breaks down the differences? Is it just appearance? Flak Jacket...
  27. G

    New To The Forum and Looking For Opinions/Advice

    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've owned Oakley's pretty much exclusively ever since I had enough money to buy them. I'm looking for polarized replacement lenses for my Flak Jacket XLJ's and Crosshair S and I don't really want to spend ~$90 each. The Crosshairs have spent too much time on...
  28. eBayOakleys

    For Sale Oakley Flak Jacket Infinite Hero Carbon/Black Sunglasses

    NEW AUTH OAKLEY FLAK JACKET INFINITE HERO MEN CARBON / BLACK SUNGLASSES 24-421 $99.00 End Date: Wednesday Feb-4-2015 19:40:01 PST Buy It Now for only: $99.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list Continue reading...
  29. G

    Totally Bummed

    Just got back from a trip in Park City, UT and left my Flak Jacket XLJs in the rental car. Budget saying they don't have them (of course). UGH! Guess I'll be on the lookout for another pair. Eventually I'll post enough (or pay enough) to comment on the Exchange forum...but until then I'll just...
  30. DOakley

    New Items in DOakley's collection

    This are some new stuff that been added to my collection since September 2014 first one is the Deviation Team USA next one is Square Wire 2006 after that is the Fives Squared MotoGP and then the London Fuel Cell (these are my first fuel cell in the collection) right after that ...