1. H

    Hello everyone

    Hey folks. I have Carbon Blades. 2 screws broke. I bought replacement screws and gaskets. I need1 threaded insert for frame. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. S

    Oakley Juliet Repair/Restoration

    Hey guys, New here, so hoping for some helpful info. I've got two pairs of Juliet Oakleys I'd like to repair (new lenses and rubbers), where is the best place for quality/genuine parts for this model? Also, I've seen the Oakley X-Man posting on here, within the last few days - is he still...
  3. DMayhem

    MFrame Gen1/2? Replacement Stems?

    I have a friend who has had these since, well forever… any leads or ideas on getting them back onto wearable condition. I’ll admit I just drool over vintage stuff like this myself… but it would mean a lot if I could get these back in shape. Plus I have no idea what they actually are except for...
  4. M

    Help Repairing my Jawbreaker?

    Hi, I bought a jawbreaker, the legs however are misaligned. The right leg is lower than the left and seems to not fit properly, I tried getting the pin out of the left one as well but it doesnt come out. Anyone know how to fix it?
  5. F

    Oakley Moon : broken arm. How to replace/repair/rebuild ?

    Hi, I've got this Oakley Moon with its broken arm : Any idea how to replace or repair or 3D rebuild? Moon's side is very thin so glue does not fix. I really appreciate any help.
  6. J

    Eye Jacket Repair

    Hello! I'm wondering about the possibility of repairing a pair of Eye Jacket 1.0 - preferably somewhere in Europe, but would also be interested about US options. The frame cracked right at the bottom of the lens as I was putting them on... Would love any advice! Thanks
  7. H

    Oakley Rx Transistor Frames - Hinge Repair

    Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong forum for this question - My Rx glasses are fairly old Oakley Transistor frames and today the thin, curved (J/hook shaped) hinge piece connecting the arm to the frame finally gave way. I am hoping to repair that piece myself, but I've found that I can't...
  8. BloMe421

    Give it to me straight, is there hope?

    My beloved Juliet’s were accosted by my limited budget, substandard lens purchase, and carelessness. The right orbital screw will no longer bite thread. Does anyone have some ideas/advice about this? I’m pretty sure the threads in the tapped screw hole have been sheared off. I am not a...
  9. Dbninc

    Broken Pit Boss 2, Repairable?

    So this happened at work yesterday: I have a terrible habit of losing sunglasses (3 pairs of Juliets and a pair of straight jackets so far, but that’s when I was younger), so I had them in my jacket pocket to keep from putting them down and walking away. Unfortunately, I forgot they were in...
  10. B


    I have an Oakley Crankcase 10-275 watch that needs the 5040.D movement changed. I discovered that there are 3 different types of Ronda 5040.D (the other two SW,SWH2) When I spoke to a rep. at Oakley, they were not specific. Oakley is willing to fix it for free but I need to make sure I get the...
  11. R

    model of sunglasses

    I bought these sunglasses in about 2004 and one of the hinges broke, does anyone know what model thay are and where I can buy replacement parts online?
  12. hockeyguy

    Watch Repair

    So does anyone on here by chance repair watches? If so shoot me a message, I have some work for you.
  13. Maveryq13

    Cracked Carbon X-Metal Repair

    Bought a pair of Carbon X Squared second hand, and noticed a crack near the hinge after disassembling them for cleaning. Can't return them. Anyone have any recommendations for repair? Thanks
  14. L

    Where can i find my missing part?

    hello all, i have a situation i cannot fix at current. i was gifted some jawbreaker tour de france glasses from a PR company and the clipping mechanism where the nose pads attach to and the frame locks into is missing. I NEED THE actual unit that the nose pads sit on and what locks the...
  15. karimo

    Fixing my Turine

    Does anyone know how to remove the side rubbers from the arms of a pair of turbine? It does not look right anymore since I used to ride my bike, the helmet was to tight on the sides and the rubbers finally got worn/streched. I want to remove it and reinstall it, maybe that will fix the problem.
  16. L

    Broken Razorblade arms repair

    So I’ve posted before about my Razorblades’ arms and their loose hinges, but now I’ve gone and broke them. I dropped them and they just broke right on the hinge. What I wanted to find out is if this is a fixable problem? I have all the pieces that broke, would it be possible to repair them? I...
  17. Gotheem22

    Juliet self repair HELP

    I have all the parts/equiptment needed to tighten my Juliets i am almost done taking them apart. I am stuck on the nose piece. Any1 know or can walk me thru getting these pegs out of the nose piece. Im stuck HELP please
  18. S

    Luxottica can't repair Oakley Minute Machine? What's Next?

    Sent my MM to Luxotica for a crown tube replacement(it does not screw in all the way), they are sending it back not repaired. I guess that part is NLA. Haas anyone ran into this issue and does anyone have a lead on a repair company? Locally here in Tampa I'm 0-3 in finding someone to replace it...
  19. Hux78

    Icon links and pins fit TB1?

    Does anyone know if the links and pins on an Icon will fit a TB1?
  20. cacatman

    🦘Disassemble/Repair Guides for Hinges etc of Oakley Sunglasses

    Last updated 12th May, 2021 by @cacatman Disassembly Badman Hinge Carbon Blades Display Case Hinges (@RonkPM) FMJ Watch (all the parts) @Medusa50 Half Jacket Half X and Hinge Repair. Best “how-to”by @StG here. Hatchet Wire Spring Repair (@Serhat) and here (@Scarface) Holbrook (@SoulFulFrog)...
  21. Lionsblood

    scratched lens

    So i know it may be a silly question to ask but i have a few lenses with a scratched lens nothing to deep but surface. i got one pair from a sunglass hut and the manager said come back in a month ill have one transferred because i bought it scratched and when i went back he transferred so i was...
  22. A

    Repairing Nose on a Mag Switch Frame

    I've got a pair of Mag Switch's that have been my daily wear pair for over a decade. They have the usual wear but I still love them. A friend recently gave me a pair of identical shades that I thought I'd just keep for parts. Looking at them, though, it appears the right side of the nose bridge...
  23. SOFTR

    Oakley M frame 3.0

    Hello, Where can I find a black M Frame clip for an Oakley M Frame 3.0? I broke it trying to change lenses - Any details would be helpful!
  24. Paraguay

    Quick Juliet Tune-Up DIY

    Most people who clicked on this thread already know that every 2-3 years the glasses start getting loose and in most cases will not stay on your head. Not exactly what I was expecting when I bought my pair. Oakley does a tune-up for something a little over USD 50. I made a DIY video where I...
  25. F

    Algae Fives 1.0

    I still have the first ever pair of these I bought in 1998 but they're trashed. I am looking for someone who might have a pair to sell to me. Or maybe a person who can fix mine. The frame is cracked and the lenses are scratched.
  26. XMetalAddict

    Spares & Repurposing Section To Forum

    This is just a thought that occurred to me whist looking at @MysteriousRacerX post on spares and repairs. Has anyone ever raised the possibility of having a section for a "Scrap Metal Exchange"? A purpose built section dedicated to post bits from doomed X-Metals and giving them an outlet to...
  27. Fresh64

    Holbrook Rivet Dot

    Hello! I was curious if anyone has had success re-attaching a rivet dot on the front of the holbrook? I've had one fall out and not quite sure the best way to get it to stay in. I'm worried if I try glue, it will ooze out the sides. Any recommendations would be great! Thanks!
  28. MChou

    Where can I find Replacement Parts for Jupiter Factory Lites?

    Hey guys I have a pair of Oakley Jupiter Factory Lites, and they were my daily drivers. At this point, the hinges of the sunglasses have completely worn out. I have brought them to a couple oakley store to be tightened, but unfortuneatly its at the point where tightening doesn't do anything...
  29. bean323

    What to look for in a Jeweler / Watch repair

    Hi.. the only real jewelers i see are at my mall. I imagine for basic stuff like removing batteries and links that should be ok, yea? Or do i want to find some guy name Olaf or Svede to do these minor things in the event someday i need to go back and get something done more then normal? What...
  30. J

    Killswitch Condensation

    Hi guys, bought the Killswitch Stealth back in December of 2014 and I recently went on a tropical vacation and I did happen to take my watch with me snorkeling... I woke up the next morning and my watch had a ton of condensation built up in the face. I am a little disgruntled at myself for...