1. U

    Sold  Oakley Juliet Carbon Frames

    Project frames. Non-serialized. These are a blank slate as they'll need new lenses, rubbers, and orbital screws. Frame is 8-9/10. Nose is tight enough to get some mileage out of them before needing a tune-up. Including original lenses (not good shape) and case. Asking $275. If I'm off my...
  2. V1P3R_Z029

    QUESTION: Is the Juliet X-Metal Ruby specifically LARGER-SIZED? Compared to other Juliets (Carbon, Plasma, 24K etc.)?

    Hi & Good day to everyone, I had a pair of Oakley Juliet X-Metal Ruby sunglasses (sold a long time ago). When I hadthem, I already owned an existing pair of Oakley Juliet Carbon Black (which were my daily-use sunglasses). I instantly noticed that there was a significant different in size...
  3. U

    For Sale  All Original Romeo

    Entirely Original*** Only worn few times. Frame is nearly perfect--(super-tiny rust rings inside the orbital torq recesses). The Lenses are NOT CRACKED! But, there are a few imperfections--(as indicated in photos). To be expected, a couple gaskets are kinda shot. ***Please note that the COIN is...
  4. G

    Oakley Penny

    hey guys! I’ve heard that penny fits better for the smaller faces. I got my first Juliet pair on the way to me, but would also appreciate some info about the usual prices for Pennys. Because I’m located in Europe and I got only two options at the moment: Penny polished with box and coin 759€...
  5. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX with Ruby lenses price lowered

    X-Metal XX with Ruby lense, amazing conditions. Lenses are new but the left lens has a scratch at the bottom, look at the picture, nothing that will affect the vision. $625 F&F or +5% Free priority mail shipping to the US & US Territories, fully insured.
  6. lifeinrio

    Which lens is best to cut for Juliet's

    Hi guys, I wanted to know your opinion about lens cutting. Which current Oakley model cuts best for Juliet?
  7. R

    WHERE to buy Juliet x-metal in the EU?

    Hello everyone, I ran into a dilemma... I'm looking to buy Juliet x-metal ruby online but without success. Most of the time sellers are in the UK and US which makes it very inconvenient due to VAT and shipment. Any suggestions where I can get a good deal without spending excessively? Don't...
  8. V1P3R_Z029

    Oakley Penny X-Metal Ruby | FINALLY after 5 years of dreaming.

    Ultimately blessed and grateful to have acquired these absolute killer sunglasses, which was only a mere fantasy for me to just see one i.r.l (let alone OWN it.) Acquired them on eBay for $850 (unserialized....) Might have gone overboard for these, but I was unaware of Oakley Forum trading...
  9. V1P3R_Z029

    Any Plain Black NON-REFLECTIVE Lenses for Oakley Juliet available out there?

    So, I've been tryna look for a standard pair of plain black lenses to fit my Oakley Juliet. But ironically, for such a common design choice for sunglass lenses, they're almost impossible to find. :confused: Basically, I'm just looking for low-profile lenses to be installed in my Juliet Plasma. I...
  10. V1P3R_Z029

    My Unobtainium Rubber Ear Socks are melting???

    So, I purchased an Oakley Juliet (2nd hand) on Ebay quite a while ago. Upon receiving, I found the stock Unobtainium Ear Socks to be all 'liquidy'/ having some sort of slippery residue. Unfortunately, this wasn't disclosed by the seller and before I knew it he couldn't be contacted anymore. 😑 I...
  11. U

    For Sale  Old school pedestal and cube

    Located in SAN DIEGO. $550 for both. OBO Must pick up. No shipping. Cash is king... I got these two old school displays. A cube and a pedestal. Both didn't come with locks. I hear you can get those cheap off of Amazon. (cam locks I think they're called) Cube has the YSC sticker on one...
  12. R

    To wear or to sell...that's my dilemma

    Doing some cleaning and came across my long forgotten, never worn X-Metal Mars Black Iridium's that I purchased decades ago and left in a backpack hanging in my closet (no box). I've seen some prices for these on that auction site that are quite high dollar amounts for sold X-Metal Mars and I...
  13. U

    Sold  X-Metal XX 24K Lenses OEM

    Up for sale is a nice set of OEM 24K Lenses for XX 1st Gen These are factory lenses not Custom cuts Excellent condition I would rate 9 out of 10 to be safe Looking for $85 shipped CONUS
  14. U

    Sold  OAKLEY ROMEO 1 | Complete with Box, Coin and Paper

    Time to sell my Romeo X-Metal with Black Iridium lenses. These are Romeo 1 from 1997. These sunglasses are in overall in very good condition. Pardon for all the dust particles on the glasses as I forgot to clean them before taking pictures. I've only worn few times in my life and only during...
  15. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed B-1B Grip with Donut Stand

    Up for sale is a custom 3D printed Oakley Style B-1B BMX Grip with Donut Stand. The grip, at 5" tall, will fit in a display case vertically or horizontally (using the notch in the reverse side of the donut). Each donut supports up to two grips displayed horizontally (with or without glasses) as...
  16. U

    Sold  Gorgeous MINT NIB Madman pewter with black iridium $SOLD All in or trades

    OO6019-02 - Pewter Frame with Black Iridium polarized lenses. The Madmans are brand new in the box, never worn and mint condition. Come with all original packaging, inserts, bag, etc as they were purchased brand new by me on release. $SOLD Free shipping and all fees included until August 11th...
  17. AbraxasFire

    Do you baby your X-Metals?

    Ever see people doing this? Or even this? Ever since getting my Juliets newly refinished, I don't dare do this at all. I've been sorta babying these since I got them back. I risk it with my Crosshair frames, but not on X-Metals. So, if I don't have my Fatboy with me, or have my soft vault...
  18. B

    X-Metal newbie question about the use of X-Metal file in InDesign

    Hi, I work in InDesign and now I am to "inherit" a book which is based in MS Word and X-Metal. How should I go about converting/using the X-Metal file(s) in InDesign? Is it possible or is it a huge task involving massive work on my part?
  19. allpha829

    Authentic or counterfeit? GEN 4 Oakley Juliet?

    Hello everyone, I’m an avid Oakley-ist since I’ve starting wearing sunglasses. I’m also glad to be a part of this group that, like me has interest and appreciation to Oakley products. I’ve recently purchased my first Oakley Juliet but is wondering of it’s authenticity. My first pair of...
  20. Ali Foam

    Juliet Lenses Prices?

    Hi Everyone I am looking for some advice, i would like to know what is the going rate for original Juliet lenses that have never been used? In particular: G30 Dark Bronze Grey Warm Grey Vr 28 Black Iridium Polarised Not in boxes just the bubble wrap packets, I got them from the Oakley...
  21. U

    Sold  Penny X-Metal

    Selling a Penny XM refinished by Zach Have not been worn since the tune-up Nose bridge is tight OEM Earsocks, LG Nose bombs and orbital gaskets $OLD Shipped CONUS I can throw a set of SL Donor (Violet or Jade) for an extra $30
  22. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed Keychains

    Up for sale are some KEY RINGS. You are purchasing just the key ring, but each one comes with a free custom key chain attached I have 40+ colors available to choose from $6 each+shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and...
  23. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed X-Metal Glorifier

    Up for sale is a custom 3D printed X-Metal Glorifier with coin display (printed to order). I have 40+ colors available to choose from $40 each + shipping Shipping is a minimum $5 (CONUS) PayPal G&S. If you order multiples and the shipping exceeds $5, you’ll just pay the...
  24. U

    Sold  X-metal package (Romeo 1 with serial, Juliet with serial)

    Hey guys, Selling a little X-metal package. Not looking to split up unless it all goes. I have a Romeo 1 with positive red custom lenses. They aren’t in great shape but still useable. It is serialized and has a coin and bag but no box. Serial: 044094 Also included is a Juliet in X-metal also...
  25. Maveryq13

    Round Eye Collection

    Yes, you read that right; Show me your round eye collection! My trifecta. I tried the Madman and didn't like them, so here's my current lineup; I hope to add a Crater. Let's see yours!
  26. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed X-Metal Coin Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed X-Metal coin stands (printed to order). I have 40+ colors available to choose from: Double Large (for first gen coins) stand - $12 Single Large (for first gen coins) stand - $8 Double Small (for second gen coins) stand- $10 Shipping is a minimum $5...
  27. U

    For Sale  zcrxsi's 3D Printed OEM Style X-Metal Stands

    Up for sale are some custom 3D printed OEM style X-Metal stands (printed to order). Unlike others I have seen, I have designed these to use a 3D printed threaded bolt to connect the parts together. They are very sturdy and have no problem holding X Metals. Single - $8 Double - $12 Triple - $16...
  28. U

    Sold  Metal Vaults - Large (X-Metal), Medium (The Vault), Small (The Wire)

    Selling all three vaults. Each has had the foam replaced. The X-Metal Vault will ship with a spare replacement foam. Only the x-metal vault comes with original box. No issues with any hinges. $155 for the Large x-metal vault w/ original box and spare foam. PayPal G&S Shipped, CONUS $70 for...
  29. L

    PLEASE Help to see if these Oakleys X-Metal Juliet are Fake or Real

    Hi, I bought this pair of X-Metal Juliet at eBay … I would like to see if experts from this Forum can help me identify if what I bought is fake or real... I appreciate your help, thank you very much!
  30. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Oakley poster. drawing and design

    Hi, here is my first Oakley drawing, it took me about 8 days to finish it. (I took it out of my imagination it is NOT a copy) I tell you that I want to paint 10 like these, I just hope I can do it. my materials are A3 paper and pencils of the Pentel brand 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 H and HB. and...