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Advice with my Blade II I just sold, please!


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Yes... $375 is a fair deal... ship it and don't think about it any further... If you find you miss it there are plenty out there obtainable for $375. If you are still in the offer stage and no handshake has been made you are ethically ok to take down the listing but if you have accepted an offer or money then just ship it.. you ethically are obligated. End of story

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Oakley Jim

Oakley Enthusiast
Rm special delivery with cover up to £500 is £9 so i hardly think thats an issue on a £375 item

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You’ve either been very fortunate with your sales or you’ve never sold anything, because this is a common issue I’ve experienced when selling anything in the UK. No matter the price of an item, many people seem to dislike paying more than about £1.50 for postage 🙃

Oakley Jim

Oakley Enthusiast
Re: the price it depends a lot on the dial colour - but the market seems to be in the £350-400 range, but debating cancelling it because you think you can get more seems pretty shady to me :p

The only reason I may have debated cancelling it is because somebody disputing a £9 postage fee on a £375 sale is a massive red flag but cheers for yet more valuable input 👍🏻

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