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  1. Dyeraudio

    Dyeraudio Juliet Enthusiast

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    So last night, while chatting with a very cool OF member I was searching CL and came across this ad at about 9:30ish....Couldn't believe my eyes! I respond with "SOLD! I can come right now or first thing in the morning"...He's 30 miles away.....I get a response saying I was the first to respond so I had first shot even though he had a couple other buyers interested.........OK....PERFECT! He even removes the ad......I'm thinking "Holy Crap....this is better than my Single score"....so today while en route to pick up my $25 Red Oxide Half Wires I get an email saying "So sorry Scott....I tried to edit the listing and I can't....the auction is actually $175 for ONE"....which is a smokin' deal....Seller claims his dad paid $500 for both 2 years ago and he didn't do enough "research" before listing them....His ad was literally up for 2 MINUTES when I replied.....I know I shouldn't be bitching...as I still have first shot but why does it seem that whenever a CL lister starts getting offers, then realizes what they have, the story changes? I think I am going to pass....I know I know I shoud grab it and run but I'm kinda pissed about how it was handled....watch....if I reply that I want one the price will go up....who knows how many people were CC'd on the ad from the other "interested" buyers.....hes prolly been getting offers all night....I just had to vent...BTW if anyone wants his email address....PM me.......
    Craigslist Anger............ - photo1-3.jpg
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  2. JOBEN

    JOBEN Oakley Collector

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    Thats very true I also just had this happen on a pair of Romeo 1 I was Going to buy today and had already spoke to the guy and had an agreement on price then he came back and said someone offered him more! So I said no thanks
  3. GRFMotorsports

    GRFMotorsports is an Oakley whore Premium Member

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    so these are 30 miles away, you can pick them up for 175 ea and you havent grabbed them? If they are 30 miles away, take cash and go get em..... oh wait, you dont have a truck... my bad I forgot. :redface:

    EDIT: Sorry, this was meant to be funny, hope it came over that way. I want to see 2 towers strapped to the roof!
  4. xmetalfreak

    xmetalfreak Oakley Beginner

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    same here. me and the seller agreed on the price and would meet today. i try to contact him, he hardly reply. i think he wants me to offer higher price. thats not gonna happen
  5. Malv1

    Malv1 Oakley Collector

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    Where are you guys finding all these R1's? I only keep seeing the same ones over and over on CL and the bay...
  6. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    patience, and dumb luck usually does the trick
  7. hearno

    hearno Oakley Collector

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    Lmao it says "will not separate" in the ad. Total bs.