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  1. C.Wied

    C.Wied Oakley Enthusiast

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    First off, I gotta say Carlos is a stand up guy. Great person to talk to, was always quick to answer any question I had, and saved me a TON of money on my Juliet's. And on top of that, judging by his group deal thread, keeping up with my PM's, must have been a struggle for time, and is proof to his true dedication. I simply cannot thank him enough. Communication with him was a breeze and I would not hesitate one second to do more deals with him, whether I save money or not!

    Second, the shipping was super fast! They shipped out Friday and they were at the house when I got home.

    Lastly, Carlos is definitely the type of person we need here. He helped me out a lot and I'm sure he did the same thing for everybody else that dealt with him on the last group deal.

    In summary he's a great guy, great seller, and a great communicator. What more can you ask for? A+ for you Carlos.
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  2. Oakley Noob

    Oakley Noob Oakley Beginner

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    You made me feel all gooey inside haha. I have to give you credit once again this group buy was your idea bro. It was a real pleasure dealing with you. I totally appreciate your kind words. I wish there were more people like you too on this forum. Anything you need you have my # and e-mail bro. Thank a lot once again and glad your happy.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.