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Death in the family


Oakley Beginner
I'm very sorry for your loss. I can also relate to what you're going through. You gave extremely sound and important advice to get more photos, videos, even audio clips of your loved ones when you can. Also very sound advice on making a plan for that one day we all want to not think about.

With your loved ones, always treat each day like it may be the last, because someday, a tomorrow might lead to them not being there.

I lost my Dad 3/23/2021. It was absolutely the worst day of my life. He was 88 at the time of his passing, so it wasn't a huge shock or surprise, but I keep wishing and wanting more time, even now, a little over a year later. I'm 42, so my parents had me much much later than average.

He would often go down memory lane and tell me stories of his past, and I heard these damn stories so many times that I could almost repeat them word for word. When he would start one of those stories, I would think to myself, not this one again, but in a funny kind of way, meaning that I was a little bored with hearing them, but didn't mind too much. Now, what I wouldn't give to hear those stories again.

After his passing, I still couldn't believe he was gone. Even to this day I still think that, because we were very close. Immediately after he was buried, I would drive up to the cemetery, the first couple of times that I would visit, I would half expect him to be standing there waiting for me.

Also sound advice to have a plan in motion to have affairs in order. My Dad was pretty good with that sort of thing, but even a year later, with decent planning, my Brother and I are still dealing with a few details. Just 3 weeks ago, after 6+ months of making a decision, my Brother and I put our Mom into a nursing home. Even that took forever to get finalized. None of this stuff is fun to deal with and becomes a huge stressful issue.

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