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Disappointing Juliet purchase...


Oakley Beginner
Finally scored a pair of Juliets on eBay to replace my lost pair! I thought I was getting a pretty good deal on them. They weren't perfect, but I wasn't looking for perfection. The listing said there was a "little play" in the bridge, but that's pretty common so I wasn't worried. However, once I got them, they are so flimsy, a little play doesn't begin to describe it. Hopefully it's not so bad that the x-man can't fix it. The picture really doesn't capture how bad they feel.

I hope so! I know nothing about tightening these. I just hope nothing is broken.
The only time you would have to worry is if the nose piece is tottaly intact and the Juliet's are in half ;)
Good to know!

On a side note, the serial on these is CBP000155. Is that a desirably low number? (Forgive me, I never even really knew about serials before joining this forum)

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