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  1. Watikjebrom

    Watikjebrom Oakley Beginner

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    Recently I bought a new Holbrook MotoGP. Lovely pair of sunglasses, but a bit flashy for daily business wear. So I bought a used set of replacement lenses to swap now and then. They are the Warm Greys, same as I have in my Jupiter Squared. This is where the problem starts. When I put the warm greys in, my left eye is hurting a bit, as if it needs to adjust to the glass. Strange, as I don't have this problem with the Jupiters. Could it be that I bought a fake pair of lenses? They look genuine, have the same thickness as the Emerald Iridiums and they have the exact same color as my Jupiters. However, they don't wear comfortable and I really would like to know what is happening in/with my eye ....
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  2. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    You might wanna check that with an ophthalmologist