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Fast Jackets On Sale!

Here's few pics of my new Black Plaid/G30 Polarized Fast Jackets... Let me know what you think!
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love those man, we got them in our store too. there awesome and really look sweet. the plaid is perfect and you really dont feel weird wearing them at all. nice pick up, and were supposed to be getting the lemon ones soon what what we are told and chrome should follow.
NIce, those are sweet, close up they almost have a carbon fiber type look to them and then you see the plaid. I love them! Congrats. I wonder when Oakley is going to start selling accessory lenses for these? Theres going to be a TON i'm sure since the whole point is the ease that you can swap the lenses.
ExMetal - The manager I've been talking with says it's an issue with the frame color/finish that is not passing inspections.
ExMetal - The manager I've been talking with says it's an issue with the frame color/finish that is not passing inspections.

The company had issues with the Atomic Orange Jawbone for the same reason....delivery of that was delayed several months. What I want to know is how this isn't figured out until the manufacturing stage...don't they do one offs and test runs beforehand?
ucdavis - Yea... I had the same questions. My biggest complaint was that they had a PRE-SALE for something they really didn't have. How do you take orders and "hold" $280 for something that hasn't passed Quality Control. One would think a company as big as Oakley would be smarter than that... I am still trying to get answers as to why the Website says "Temporarily Sold Out", when they were never actually Sold. To me this is an extremely bad business practice from a company that relies on sales. The answer of "we only have a few choices to label the item on the Website" doesn't hold water with me... I'm a computer programmer/tech by trade and know better. They need to completely remove the pictures/references of a product that is not available (and may never be) and stop the false advertisement. Once (if) they are "ready" to sell... put them back up. Sorry for the rant, but this situation really stuck a nerve with me...
i heard there not going to do them anymore cuz of all the problems that they are having which sucks because i really wanted that color way over any of the others. oh well
I tried on the Lemon Peels today, and as much as I wanted to love them, I'm very disappointed. The execution of the aesthitics is perfect, however, the function is flawed. Due to the wrap of the frame and lens, the line of sight in which you look out of the lens is messed up. You know how fire has different colors on the sides of the lens, and looking out through different parts of the lens, you amost see different colors? You look directly out of he side of the lens, and your peripherals are the center. So it throws the color perception off, and honestly, when I look out of it, it almost looks distorted. It's hard to put into words exactly what it is, but I'm sure if you guys tried it on, you'd know what I was talking about. It's almost like your eyes have to work harder to look out of them to correct the awkward wrap issues.