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FMJ Fast Jacket

I asked Oakley's team liaison about them in August. According to him Oakley decided against releasing them because of durability issues and the number of warranty claims they've had with sport specific FMJ frames in the past, particularly the chrome jawbones. I do believe they did the initial production run, so I suppose it's possible they decided to release what they already made, but he did confirm silver would replace the FMJ chrome, and they have no plans to make it again in the future.
There was also supposed to be a Black Chrome w/Tungsten Iridium Polarized & VR50 but those never released so maybe we'll see them when/if the FMJ Chrome's release?
i asked abt the Black Chrome as well, and the Oakley sales people over here said they got pulled like the FMJs. but sales staff over here tend to not know their stuff that well. i think for this site, it's best to compare the SKU code with the Silver colourway. if it's the same, it must be the Silver colourway, just labelled wrong on the site, if it's different could be the FMJ!

anyone managed to find out?
i know there is no fmj, chances they would release it are very very slim since they dont want to deal with all the warranty issues. i would love to see them but it will never happen
So another pair popped up on CL near me so it got me wondering again about why these are randomly showing up in people's hands.

I did a Google search and found a San Diego area based bike shop that is also listing these for release on 11/1/11 (US Time Format)

Oakley Fast Jacket XL Chrome Sunglass - Blue Iridium Lens | Nytro Multisport

Maybe Oakley decided to allow small shops/online retailers sell handfuls of whatever they had produced? And since Oakley doesn't list or sell them, anyone who calls in for warranty they'll just say they don't have parts or a stock of new ones so they'll just offer up the 20% on another pair?

It actually makes sense to me. I remember someone here posted about how he complained to Oakley Customer Support about their BMX Jawbones where he had a receipt from an authorized retailer. Oakley didn't have parts so they offered him 20% off a replacement pair and to keep the BMX Jawbone. They could technically handle the FMJ Fast Jackets the same way.

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