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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Herbsley, 8/21/11.

  1. Herbsley


    This is very much Oakley related, of course, given the design and manufacturing links.

    Just curious what folks think of Fox Racing sunglasses.
    I am very much on the fence on this one. I don't own any, but have often found myself thinking a couple of their designs are kinda cool.

    It's a funny old business isn't it? Oakley making glasses with someone else's branding on the arm, when we are all crying out for new and different Oakley designs.

    Anyone own any FR glasses and care to share their thoughts?

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

    I don't own a pair but the Super Duncan in Antiscene look pretty sweet. I like them to look at, but I'm not too sure if I'd actually wear them, so I haven't bought them....yet.

  3. Herbsley


    Yeah, that's pretty much where I am. I consider myself very brand-loyal cos I don't wear anything other than Oakley, but FR are effectively Oakley glasses without the O icons. So I sometimes ask myself, that's a cool design, its O technology, why don't I buy a pair?

    As Oakley fans, do we think that if they took off the fox head and stuck on an O would we buy them?
    And if so, does that makes us <gulp> snobs??
    It's an interesting one.



    I had a pair of "The Study" in Cinder Red/Black Iridium for a while. They were sweet, but the fit a little tight on me, so I traded them for a pair of Clear Dispatch. Honestly...they felt and looked exactly like an Oakley product...except with Fox logos. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair, but there are no dealers around here. They have some pretty sweet designs.

  5. Kaduku


    I even posted on Oakley's facebook page about Fox Racing sunglasses and they said they are made to Oakley standard haha, my friend wanted a pair of shades but hes a Fox fanboy so he was pretty happy.

  6. Herbsley


    My understanding is that they use lenses from existing Oakley models and design frames around them.
    Would be interesting to know which Oakley model lenses are used in each Fox model, in case there are any lenses I can swap into my existing collection.

    e.g. I have convinced myself that the FR Redeem looks like it uses Hijinx lenses. Yet the Redeem has a 24k option. Could this be a way of getting 24k Hijinx lenses?

    Anyone know the lens crossover between Oaks and FR models?

  7. MaukaRunner


    I'd like to know if the lenses interchange too. The FR Duncan Sport looks like a squared off Radar. I like Fox stuff to and wouldn't mind a Duncan Sport if it can interchange with the Radar lenses.

    Does anyone have both Duncan Sports and Radars?

  8. white toy taco

    white toy taco

    i wish i had a long travel suspension with dual bypass fox racing shox. i like the piggyback resi ones for both the front and rear.

    +10000 points to whoever knows WTF im talking about hahaha
    Nyreth likes this.

  9. MaukaRunner


    I do, gimme my points! Total Chaos? Actually, you are talking about Fox Tail and the shades are Fox Head.

  10. white toy taco

    white toy taco

    yes! i love Total Chaos, i wish i had teh moniez to buy a TC kit

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