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  1. drews85

    drews85 Oakley Beginner

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    I originally was not impressed by the pictures of these online and the made in China. but when i felt them in hand and tried them on they felt great. $120 is not a bad price tag either. Ill tell you Oakley has gotten really bad at launching new product. They tease us with all the pics online for so long, then send each store 1 or 2 pairs in only 1 or 2 colorways...
    Im not a great camera man, but here are some pics...
    Frogskin LX Pickup - IMG_3985.jpg
    Frogskin LX Pickup - IMG_3964.jpg
    Frogskin LX Pickup - IMG_3963.jpg
    Frogskin LX Pickup - IMG_3980.jpg
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Frogskins

    Frogskins Oakley Expert

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    I'm waiting for the Blue/Red ones that are on back order ...
  3. Joey Streegan

    Joey Streegan Oakley Beginner

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    those are super nice, I have the ray ban wayfarers in that colorway.. But they're so heavy. Might have to get myself a pair because they look much better here than on the Oakley website.