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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by stevan5150, 9/24/11.

  1. stevan5150


    They look awesome and are in great shape. Fit like a glove, no pain behind the ear at all. Only thing that concerns me is one of the titanium plates on the ear stems is kinda loose . Anyone else experience this on their bosses? There seems to be no way to tighten them up

    Got In My PITBOSSES!!!! - 88a35785.jpg

    Got In My PITBOSSES!!!! - e84dfa81.jpg

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. good2mod


    nice pick man!

  3. walkerhonda243


    Very Nice. That was a good buy IMO. Sorry, no info on the loose plate though

  4. S-works


    congrats... great pick up for that price... another proud Elite series owner.. :)

    i'm looking at my pit boss and i can't seem to see a way to tighten the plates. Its looks like its snapped on to the o-matter part of the frame... sorry, not much help here...

  5. stevan5150


    Well I just oakleys and they said for me to tighten up the plate then its $175!!!
    I about crapped my pants when she told me. Well that SUCKS! I can live with it I guess

  6. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    great dude.
    i hope, you will love them, like i love mine - those sunnies are pure dope!
    the fit, the frame and the icon just AWESOME. . .

  7. Oakley_Sight


    The first pair i got from the store in the Florida Mall store had the icon plate loose on the left side, took it back & they swapped them for another pair. It looks as though the icons are rivited on.

  8. stevan5150


    I love em but it is a little dissappointing that they would allow them to leave final inspection with loose rivets. I can definitely agree with others that said they are not worth the full asking price. The lenses are incredible I will give Oakley that much and the fit and lense size is perfect for my face.
    I just got back from the outside mall we call the boardwalk and it was a bright bright sunny day and they were a great performer.

    All in all I am very happy with my purchase and the price I paid.

  9. Herbsley


    Congrats on the pick-up, brah. I must have missed the info on how much you paid - but bearing in mind the actual RRP, and the fact that they are in the "Elite" range, I would agree you could have hoped that the Pit Boss wouldn't have had this issue in the first place - never mind the customer being charged $175 to repair. Don't even go there, man.

    Perhaps that is the standard "Elite" repair charge?
    "He is the voice in the race driver’s headset and the commander of a crew that turns the blitz and frenzy of split seconds into poetry in motion. He is the boss, period . . . . So he won't mind if we charge him $175 if our screws loosen a bit between the O-Matter and titanium bits.."

  10. stevan5150


    Touché lol ha ha ha. Yeah I paid 299 for them which I think was fair .

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