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Greetings From Portugal


Oakley Beginner
Hi, My name is Bruno and I've been a fan of Oakley since I was about 15/16, when I bought a pair of Fives (though I cheated on the "O" with some Arnettes later in my life). I'm not a collector (nor can I be) but I've always been a lover. Only had four pairs until now, which had their fair share of use and abuse.

The short list goes as follows:

- First generation Fives, matte black/grey;
- Fives 3.0 Ducati (before the Squared version) - loved them and whore them until they literally broke;
- Gascan S at the same time as the Fives 3.0, polished black/warm grey, which didn't look good on me;
- Fuell Cell, polished black/warm grey

Right now I'm looking to buy one of the X Metal models, but I can't figure out which one should I buy.
Really? o_O

I've never came across a fake except for a guy selling some knockoff of Minute 1 on a beach. Other than that, I even struggle to find a dealer that has a fairly complete collection. But I'll be on the look out. ;)