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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Batwolf, 6/19/11.

By Batwolf on 6/19/11 at 1:12 AM
  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Premium Member

    I know there are many people out there who might be confused when it comes to the proper way to clean your Oakley glasses. What is the best way, what makes my glasses last longer, or what is harmful to my glasses? I will answer all of these questions in detail. For some, you might know this information but for others this will be an informative look at cleaning your Oakley eyewear.

    Why do I need to clean my glasses?
    Let's face it, if you're exposed to the elements then more than likely so are your glasses. You sweat, have face oils, wear hair products, colognes, purfumes and whatever else is out there. Just like you wash your clothes, you need to clean your glasses.

    What do/can these things do to my glasses?
    When Plutonite and Iridium are exposed to certain elements, if left on for prolonged periods of the time they can actually eat away at your lenses. Bubbling, peeling, blemishing, and even pitting can occur if your eyewear isn't routinely cleaned properly. The same things can also occur to your Oakley sunglass frame if not properly cleaned as well.

    What can I do to clean my glasses?
    One word: Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit. When you're at the Oakley store and the associates offer this product, you might think they are just trying to add an accessory. However, they're doing it to help you protect your investment in Oakley products. Oakley's Lens Cleaning Kit includes a spray bottle with their own special cleaning formula, a microfiber cloth, and a flathead/philips screwdriver kit for those with a metal frame. Did I mention that the kit includes FREE LIFETIME REFILLS? (At Oakley, Sunglass Hut and Lens Crafters locations) Why wouldn't you buy it? At a cost of $10 USD, it's an absolute steal.

    How To Properly Clean Your Oakley Glasses - 4a79fd8aab4a8.jpg

    What is so special about Oakley's Lens Cleaning Kit?
    Oakley's Lens Cleaning Kit is specially made for Oakley eyewear. Their unique lens cleaning formula contains less than 5% alcohol content by volume, so it is not harmful to the frame or lenses of your Oakley sunglasses. It is also safe for any other eyewear or electronics you might own (it works wonders on my iPhone too).

    How To Properly Clean Your Oakley Glasses - Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit.jpg

    Can I use any other lens cleaning spray?
    You can feel free to use any other lens cleaning spray you might have as long as it has less than 5% alcohol. Some manufacturers do not specify this so you might have to do your own research.

    What about cleaning cloths?
    There are some manufacturers who make premade lens cleaning cloths, however the same rules applies with the alcohol content. Do your research before you buy something you aren't sure of.

    What cloths can I use to wipe down my glasses?
    I always use Oakley's microfiber Bags and special lens cleaning microfiber bags. You can also use the microfiber that is included in the cleaning/Nano Clear kit. I recommend washing the bags every few months to get rid of oil buildup.

    If Oakley cloths aren't an option, 3M sells a nice cloth if you want multiples - http://www.amazon.com/3M-Microfiber-Cle ... B00009PSZ2

    How often should I clean my glasses?
    The time between cleanings depends on how much you wear them and for every person your mileage will vary. However, out of my ten glasses that I switch between I clean all of my glasses once a week.

    What areas do I need to concentrate on when cleaning?
    This will vary depending on the user, however it is very important to concentrate on the area that gets the most exposure to oils, sweat and other elements: the inside. The nose area, stems, and insides of the lenses are all exposed to many different elements when you're wearing the glasses because of the obvious contact it makes with your face. Be sure to clean the main contact areas that way prolonged exposure to harmful elements does not occur.

    What about Unobtanium?
    Oakley's patented rubber (Unobtanium) that is on many of the Sport/Active frame styles is made to become sticky as it becomes wet. Meaning when you sweat, they will grip better. Naturally be design, they are meant to absorb as much as possible so eventually it will break down. However, there are preventative measures you can take to make the pieces on your glasses last longer. I like to apply a small amount of Purel onto a paper towel and liberally rub up and down on the rubber piece. It will remove any contaminants from the earsocks/nose pieces and also clean them. The best part is that it dissipates in a few seconds and leave your pieces thoroughly clean. You can also use the soap and water method shown in the video below.

    How can I clean my cloths/cleaning towels?
    The best way to clean Oakley's and any other manufacturers microfiber products is to machine wash in cold water, and to let air dry. Do not use laundry soap that contains fabric softener.

    I hope this gives some people insight on how to properly clean your Oakley sunglasses. These techniques will allow your eyewear to look like-new for a long time and allow the glasses to last as long as possible. Protect your investment and clean your sunglasses properly.

    Detailed cleaning video

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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Batwolf, 6/19/11.

    1. yoshi1984


      Hi, thank you for this post. It helped answer a few questions.
      I wear my burnquist fuel cells the most, and since summer is practically here, they have experienced some sweat, I been just using the microfiber bag and just wipe the stems clean, I have two bottles of lens cleaner and am glad sunglass hut will refill them since I'm quite far from a o store.
      I try to keep them in nice shape. I also heard having o matter frames in contact with water can b harmful.
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    2. Batwolf

      Batwolf Premium Member

      No problem, I'm glad some people will be informed by this post.

      Warm water is a great alternative for those who don't have proper lens cleaning solution.
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    3. OakleyBoss

      OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

      Just made this into a Sticky, great guide thanks for submitting Batwolf. This is a topic that always comes up so I think this will be extremely useful!

    4. OFather


      You might want to use a different bag then the one that those ones come with. It's a lightly colored show bag that comes Bob B. Fuel Cell. They might give you one at an Oakley store or you can pick one up at a Sunglass hut. You can still use the one it came with, it's just going to get dirty quicker.

      Salt water or Pool water will not hurt O-Matter, as long as you rinse them off after use. The same way you rinse the salt and pool chemicals off yourself, you need to rinse off your Oakleys. Then when you get home, clean them with the lens cleaner.
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    5. Batwolf

      Batwolf Premium Member

      Thanks for pointing that out OFather, I forgot to mention wearing the glasses in salt or pool water.



      Thanks for the information. I needed this on my first pair of O's I used my shirt mostly to clean lens of sweat, dirt, fish blood, sunscreen ect and the lenses lasted 3 years so Ill take better care of my new ones.
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    7. Batwolf

      Batwolf Premium Member

      Try not to make a habit out of wiping them off with your shirt. Not all shirts are created equal and some have a rougher surface which can cause hairline scratches.
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    8. xmetalmaniac

      xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

      Just a quick note on saltwater...... If you go to the beach or have a saltwater pool make sure you wet the glasses first with warm water before doing a good cleaning on them... You will find that as the salt water dries it wil leave behind salt residual and wiping them with a cloth could scratch them. I have a pair I only wear in my pool or to the beach.
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    9. stuartjross


      Is there anything you can do with the lense once the laminated interior starts to peel and/or flake?

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