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hello everyone, I have been following the forum for some time, my name is gusmão I am from Brazil, and I am passionate about the metal x line, I met the brand through a gift, which was nothing less than a juliet xmetal, with ice lenses , that around 2002, onwards I was collecting several models, and changing.
I currently have:
-Double xx 24k
-Double xx xmetal dark ruby
-Double xx ti02
-Romeo 1 xmetal ice thug
-Romeo 2 Polished Gold
-OTT Plasma dark Ruby

-Squared xmetal Violet
I also really like the sports line, so I also have
-Jawbone Livestrong.
-Jawbreaker Blue / white .
-Jawbreaker black
Hello everyone,

I am a new member here and I have been wearing Oakleys since high school. The Yes I’m old and still have every pair except 1 pair that was stolen from me. Before I knew it I had a collection. I currently own roughly 250 pairs of Oakleys, I don’t have a method to my madness as my collection also includes display cases, display items, watches, hats and bags. Honestly I’ve used ebay since 1998 to find probably 50% of my collection And found the for sale forums and looked around and got hooked. Hopefully in the near future I will find some items for my collection. I have a few items that seems impossible to find. Also I plan to do some research on some items I own as this community seems very knowledgeable and helpful to other Oakley collectors.

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Welcome to the Oakley Forum!
I'm new to the forum. I have been wearing Oakleys for about 20 years, mostly for cycling. I have joined to find out a little more about a few pairs I have.
I'm from the UK.
Cheers Chas

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