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IPhone Case


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Chicago, IL
hey oakley fans! the new iphone case is out for oakley and for those of you who have an iphone should pick it up. i have both styles. the o-matter and the unobtainium, at the moment i have the unobtainium one on my phone now little slimmer and better fit. (id take a pic of it on my phone but my camera is the phone!)


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These have been around for a while on the website and in some of the retail stores.. Love mine. Have both the 3G case and the 4 case. I much prefer the thicker 3g case. I've jammed my 4 in that case. Super protection. The O-matter case just hit vault stores recently and i'm not a fan. Kind of defeats the purpose, it' s just for looks and doesn't provide and impact protection.

The old 3g Case
It's got a lot more material around the edges.

Can't really tell in this pic, but the back of the case was thicker, as well:

i have the case with the history text print on it and that´s the bomb!!!

I was gonna get one of these but I can just see sand and other crap sneaking its way into the 'vents' on the back and getting trapped in between the case and the glass on the 4. They look sick though.
you will not find a case on the market, which coverts the iPhone totally!
all covers have holes or they ar not tight enough. i used both versions from Oakley and i must say my iPhone have some marks on the back.
but if you will clean those covers than it´s not that bad!
I have the unobtanium and the o-matter cases for my iPhone 4. In black. However i almost always keep my otterbox on my iPhone.
Unless i'm going somewhere i know it will not be in immediate danger...like dinner or something.

M0NTY,i would suggest you go with an Otterbox Defender if that is your worries. That thing is almost air tight...lol.
i dropped mine in water once,picked it out IMMEDIATELY of course,but it was completely dry inside the case... thank baby jesus.
I've only got the O-Matter one. I was thinking the Unobtanium one wouldn't be as tough. Is it really worth getting?

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