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lense replacement strategy for oakley guage 3.1 glasses?


Oakley Beginner
I recently purchased a pair of Oakley Guage 3.1 glasses. I purchased them for riding my mtb around the city at night. Basically to provide basic protection against wind and bugs. I have some Flak 2.0's that look pretty cool with colored lenses but with clear lenses for night mtb riding they don't look much different than dorky safety goggles.

The glasses that I ordered came with generic clear lenses. I have dark brown eyes and I noticed that light hitting my eyes reflects into the back of the lense which reflects back into my eyes which can be very distracting. So I'll definitely want to get some new lenses with an anti-reflective coating. What are my best options for lense replacements?

* I'll need some type of anti-reflective coating on the inside facing area of the lense so I don't see light reflecting off of my eye back into the lense
* I want blue blocking because of the benefits and because the blue reflection off the front of the lenses looks rad
* Will standard blue blocking reduce glare from headlights as shown in this pic?


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