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My First Oakley Display Score...


Oakley Expert
Austin, Texas
(1) Doublewide Tower
(2) Towers with rotating display and storage drawers in the bottom
(1) Steel Tower with two drawers in bottom
(1) Countertop display
and the Granddaddy of them all...
(1) Rolling Mega Tower - this beast is 300+ pounds, 7' long and 3.5' deep

(2) Bob Head - Black ceramic
(2) Bob Head - Clear acrylic
(5) Picture frames

Countless small display items, small card stock signage with stands, 25 sets of new replacement ear socks and nose pieces, new replacement lenses, and a few other random display items.

Check it all out here...Untitled
Where the Hell did you score all that? Better yet where are you going to put it? Anything up for trade? Nice job, you can open your own store.
So, everything came from a single shop in Ohio that was owned by a friend. The challenge of course was transporting everything to CA where I live and it turns out that U-Haul had the cheapest option. I do have room to accommodate all of the cases except the Rolling Mega Tower but that will never fly with the MRS so everything must go. Plus, i don't really have a large enough collection of glasses to justify having so many cases. I currently use a Thump Tower that I plan to swap for the Steel Tower so I will have more display room for my items but that is pretty much it. That being said I'm not interested much in trades since I don't plan to keep more than the one case.

I will post additional details of the small items as soon as I have a chance. Offers accepted for anything and everything because it all has to go.
now you have the chance to display your stuff in the right way!