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Next Pair. Help Me Out Here!


Oakley Beginner
Here is me:

What do you think would fit me best?

Ducati Plaintiff

Custom Clear Oil Rigs-Ice Iridium Lens

Custom Clear Oil Rigs-Chrome Iridium Lens

Silver Plaintiff (the mirrored kind)

Thanks all.
i haven't "worn" an oil rig buuuuut they may look a bit funny on your face type. i'd probably go with inmates or plaintiff's. Crosshair 2.0 may be something you could look into.
IMO Your hair is too thick on the side for Rigs, they wil push your hair down.... Go with wire type stems like the plaintiffs, or crosshair 2.0
Definitely not Oil Rigs.
Plaintiff may suit, but yeah don't discount a Crosshair 2.0

You might also suit a Scalpel in my view.