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šŸ¦˜Oakley Donor Lens Quick Reference Guide 2023

Oakleyforum, Walleva lenses, Galaxy lenses, Ikon lenses, Fuse, privat seller @eBay, Instagram, other shops in GB, Japan,... and so much more..
I had some Pit Bull Lenses (AM) cos i have this beautiful Frame.

But not only Pit Bull will fits the Redux, i think.. (?), there are maybe 2-3 other Oakley lenses, need only to be tryed.. and confirmed.

Maybe - Big Taco, Turbine, Oil Rig, Radar... and 5x more..

But Goggles has a different BC, there a not so easy as Donor.. (!)
Thanks. When confirmed, please post here.

A few photos of lenses I've made. Or custom cut!

Hello Obros!
Can confirm that bottlerocket is good donor for XX (X-Metal) with etching preserved. Happy New Year to al!

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