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Given the recent amount of events/meetup that have taken place I have given this some thought and feel maybe this would be something people would be interested in participating in.

I'm inviting EVERYONE to come live in my world from May 4th through May 9th. Come spend time at my home (or as some call it "the castle") hang with me, check out some Oakley stuff, let's go visit some storage bins and relive history.

The catch? No catch. Well maybe one catch. No photos under any circumstances. Any photos and you can consider yourself placed in the WPP. ;)

I'm willing to pay ALL expenses with regards to plane tickets and any transportation/lodging if you choose not to stay at my house. Bring wives, GFs, kids....you can even bring a Dingo.

Free food. Free booze. Free Oakleys.......well maybe not free Oakleys. But there will be Oakley goodie bags with some special surprises that I'm sure people will love.

For you RC car and "drone" lovers.....we can break as much **** as we want and keep playing as I'll have a "mechanic" on site to fix all broken toys.

So? Who's coming? TWSS!!!!!


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What is that thing?!
Dude, who are you, and how could you afford this?! If this is for real (and it sounds like it is) that is unreal! I would definitely go, but my brother is going to be back from the Navy, and staying with us. Bummer man, wouldve really enjoyed meeting you!


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were in! seriously
it is April on the East coast tho, queno?

dingo ate my baby

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I am the dingo you could be bring along:) I am pretty much house trained when I feel like it :twitch: I can't promise I won't hump a hot women's leg :eek: I am willing to lye on my back and let hot women rubb my:oops::p carry on happy April fools day suckers :p

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