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Oakley On Ebay


Oakley Beginner
hello there guys, we know that a lot of oakley watches and sunglasses on ebay and they are much cheaper that RRP on oakley website.

I just want to know whether oakley do deep discounting on model that are no longer produced?

for example, crankcase can be found way cheaper on ebay, less than $300. Are these watches all fake?the much cheaper ones?

Maybe someone from oakley can answer this?


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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OG Oakley Collector
Premium Member
A Creek in AZ
I have never been burned and I don't think you will get burned on ebay purchases either as long as you use common sense...

1. Look at seller feedback and seller ratings (seller reputation can tell you everything you need to know)...
2. Look at sellers pictures (I don't buy from those who use stock pictures)....
3. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the product (such as a serial number)...
4. Do your homework (know the product you are looking for)!!!
5. Remember that if it seems to be too good to be true that it probably is...

There are trusted Oakley sellers out there and there is even another site that sanctions sellers with good reputations so that their members feel comfortable purchasing from their own so to speak. I know because I am one of those guys...lol


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
There are loads of Stores selling on eBay now. More are legit and selling sunbird at hugely reduced rates. Also try sunglass shop .co.Uk. They were selling Staple Frogskins for £75 at one stage.


Oakley Beginner
Hey everybody. I too question the legitimacy of these ebay seller's selling oakley frames that are Brand new without box and just the microfiber pouch. Im curious as to where the heck these ppl get their oakley's? Anybody know?

the piper

Oakley Collector
There are sellers like that I deal with 2 in particular that are legit and the glasses are not display they are new w/out box some even came with H sticker on lenses but u have to know who to buy from...I laughed at the Blue(not camo pack)solid blue MD's on there ...pitiful fakes


Oakley Beginner
Allentown, PA
Be careful with eBay, I almost got scammed few weeks ago myself. I was trying to purchase a pair of Eyepatch's and the seller sent me generic sunglasses. Had to file a complaint with eBay. Got my refund but it was a pain.