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Oakley Special Editions


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So I saw on the Oakley website they have some special edition USC (university of southern California) pairs of sunglasses. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly why they only make USC special edition and no other college edition sunglasses. I understand that Oakley is based out of So Cal but how come they don't make others such as an Oregon Ducks pair would be sik.......just a thought

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My guess is that there's a few USC grads that work in the upper ranks at Oakley and in the past 5-6 years, USC (under Pete Carroll) has had a very successful/dominating football team.

I'm sure marketing to the number of "fair weather" fans was part of it as well. During that time, EVERYONE in Socal was a USC Trojan fan. Now that the team hasn't been doing as well (Read: Bowl Games), i don't see very many USC supporters... mostly jumping the bandwagon back to (F)UCLA :mrgreen:

These are the ones i have

I'm assuming the one's you're referring to are the two versions of the USC Fuel Cells. While those are nice, they only come in the grey lenses. I prefer Iridium myself.

They have made other special college editions in the past in the XX, Minute, and M Frame lineup

I've never seen them myself and don't know if they did this for other frame styles.

I also know if you go into the Custom section of the Oakley website, they have team colors you can choose from. Look at the Jawbone for example and you can go with a Green/Yellow scheme for your Oregon Ducks :)

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They DID make at least two Oregon Ducks special edition models that I know of, actually pretty irritated as I saw one pair on eBay, stupidly didn’t buy right away as they were a bit pricey having bought a few pairs already at that point- I went back to look a few days later, Gone. And just now I saw another model, one of the sport models I personally wouldn’t usually wear for much like the runners type models, these were the real deal Oregon Ducks glasses though. Apparently the blog said there were only ever 3 made of that kind. Not sure if that’s true or not, seems an odd number to me but megh... they didn’t look like they were for sale so... The first pair I found on eBay, I’m not sure if they were REALLY Oregon Ducks glasses or not as it wasn’t as obvious just looking at them since it was really just a pair of the blk Holbrook type model w/ the Oregon Ducks shade of green on the ‘O’ so.. idk if someone just bought them w/ a green ‘o’ and called them Ducks oakleys or if they were actually meant to be ‘Ducks’ Oakley but I was pretty disappointed nonetheless! Lol. I’ve been looking for the right shade of green ‘o’s for my bat wolf lenses but haven’t found any yet.. they do have yellow ones but yellow could be anything.. I’d prefer actual ‘DUCKS’ green specific, or the Ducks green and yellow together... But yes. They did make other college models at some point.


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Custom Radar in Oregon Ducks colorway :cool:


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