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  1. Raptor

    Raptor Oakley Enthusiast

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    My latest purchases for the past week.

    Got the 2013 tdf radarlock
    On The Radar - 20141107_130849_zpseb6ad442.jpg

    And the 2nd one is a bit of a unknown, it's got cycle lab etched on the lens (cycle lab is a bicycle chain store in sa) so I guess it was a corporate gift maybe,
    On The Radar - 20141107_130949_zpse8bea1c7.jpg

    On The Radar - 20141107_131008_zpsc06997b5.jpg
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  2. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    Nice radar's, I never herd of cycle lab, nice pick up tho
  3. Peeza21

    Peeza21 African in the United Kingdom

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    Cyclelab ones were given to some if the sponsored 'lab teams back when radars had just launched. I got given a pair when I was riding under18 for them.

    Nice grabs
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