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Polarization Quality Question


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I was told by (more than one) sunglasses hut employee at that a high quality polarized lens will almost completely block out all light if turned against another high quality polarized lens from the same company.

My question is my BIP and Prizm Daily Polarized lenses when done this way do not even come close to blocking out all light. Instead, it seems as if a rainbow effect is produced with small amounts of darkening when looking through both lenses turned accordingly. What does this mean in terms of polarization quality and why does it not block out light (almost completely) like other sunglasses do, but instead make a rainbow effect?

Can someone explain this / any thoughts..?

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in my personal opinion Oakley is trying a different setup or filter so your phone screens don't darken as much and are able to be used with their Polarized lenses easier. they have been doing it a while, I even noticed it on the old version of Deep Water Polar before Prizm lenses even existed. I was able to see the Nav screen in my car with the non Prizm Deep Water Polarized better than other Oakley Polarized lenses like BIP, ICE Polar, Emerald Polar, ect...
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I was under the impression that sunglasses huts were reputable stores until now I guess. XD
they are, but the employees dont seem to know to much about each brand, just a pretty broad spectrum of information on a few. there main purpose is to upsell, since they don't need to promote any of the brands they sell, just have to sell them.