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Question About Different Box Types


I should Work at Oakley
Howzit everyone! I'm a noob that just found this awesome site :cool: and I love it! I've done a quick search in the forums, but couldn't find an answer to my question. I'm looking at picking up a pair (or two, or three...) of the Fast Jackets on eBay, and I've noticed that there are some sellers that include boxes (or rather the entire package). I've also noticed that some boxes are the older white design with graphics and some are the newer black/grey design with graphics. Is there a difference between these two boxes?

I'm not versed in how to really spot fakes from authentic, but I am aware of the basics enough that I'm pretty sure I won't purposely purchase fakes. With online sellers (especially eBay), you never can tell if the truth is being told and what you buy is really what you'll get. I've asked the sellers with different types of boxes what the difference is, and noone replied with an answer. I'd appreciate if anyone here can help me figure this out.

Don't think there's a difference other than looks. The SKU shouldn't have been affected. It was just a matter of Oakley deciding to change up the look on the packaging, I think.
I don't know much about those new black Oakley boxes. I just know they are replacing the old white boxes for the sport/active line of sunglasses though. The new black boxes look far better than those awful white boxes. They looked fake.
Thanks Razerwire & yoshi1984! I was thrown by this and figured this was a good place to ask someone. I tried searching online for an answer, but packaging changes aren't a big deal so I couldn't really find an answer. Being the pessimist that I am, I thought that the white boxed copies may or could've been fakes. I guess the window shopping will continue...thanks again guys!
both original, just different years.. they change the packaging once in awhile. =)

Thanks BriP! But weren't the Fast Jackets just released a few months ago? Did it just happen that they changed packaging slightly after the release? Are either models with the different boxes worth any more or less? Idk, I'm just a noob searching for trivial answers to make me feel better about spending money on a new pair of Oakleys :rolleyes:. LOL