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  1. sharkin

    sharkin Oakley Beginner

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    So I bought a pair of the skate deck frogskins on ebay a few months ago..

    I finally got around to wearing them this weekend, and noticed they are defective. The right arm has a slight wobble on the joint where the arm meets the frame. I looked closely and found that the arm isn't sitting properly on the frame because of a small divot, as you can see in my picture. The little ball joint on the frame wants to pop out of the normal hole and sit in this divot. The arm stays on the frame for the most part, but it is very easy to remove with little force.

    Repairing Frogskin arms?? / O-Matter & PlasticWeld - Capture2.PNG

    My plan to repair would be to put JB plastic weld in and around the divot to rebuild the structural integrity of the arm's joint so that it will not pop out from the hole. I figured I can use some light sanding and dremel work to remove any plastic weld that makes it into the hole, but im not so worried about the aesthetics of this repair as it's all interior facing.

    It seems straightforward enough from my perspective, just wanted to get some ideas from anyone who's made a repair or used the JB Weld PlasticWeld on O-matter before.

    Thanks, any comment or advice is appreciated, and I will certainly post the before/after pics if I go through and do the repair.

    Repairing Frogskin arms?? / O-Matter & PlasticWeld - 8237_PlasticWeld_medium.jpg
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  2. OGfrog

    OGfrog Oakley Enthusiast

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    Never attempted the jb. I fixed the same issue by clamping the arm in a micrometer. Overtightened and left it over night. Problem solved for me
  3. Ben G

    Ben G Oakley Enthusiast

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    I had a similar problem with my pairs, after looking through the forum it appears that it happened with these more often than not? Maybe? Anyway, I attempted to fix one pair in a same-but-different way as OGfrog just said, I removed the arm and clamped it in a vice (that I masked up the jaws not to damage the paint) and over-tightened them a bit, which helped loads with the fit, then as these were gonna be daily wearers with no intention of selling, took a craft knife and scraped away some of the excess paint from the inside & cleared the hole out.

    Now they don't fit as flush as an unpainted pair, which I feel is always gonna be a trait of these, they hinge perfectly fine, close perfectly and don't wanna pop off easily.. even when I dropped em! Oops :-/

    Repairing Frogskin arms?? / O-Matter & PlasticWeld - image.jpg

    Repairing Frogskin arms?? / O-Matter & PlasticWeld - image.jpg

    Repairing Frogskin arms?? / O-Matter & PlasticWeld - image.jpg
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  4. sainrub

    sainrub Oakley Beginner

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    Thanks for the good info. Those skate deck frogs are sweet guys!