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Replacement varifocal Zeiss lens


Oakley Beginner
Glasses are back finally. Juliet was sent to HOYA, but they couldn't do it so it went to ZEISS, about £50 more, but they do 6 area points for close vision and they had to use the old lens as a template. On mine is at about 20% from the bottom of the lens, so if I glance down I can see the car dashboard info. In total the cost was £515.
The lens are similar in colour to the original brown/bronze from Oakley. ZEISS lenses is called Skylet® Road Superb Sport the colour is described as brown orange and reduces blue, hence the car LED headlamps look greenish. I will have now my TinCup carbon reglazed.
A bit of a puzzle why Oakley no longer glaze old frames like the Juliet, last time they done it was 6 years ago. There must be people out there who would love to use the old gear.
Anyway ZEISS have my business now.

O with varifocal..jpg

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