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Snagged a pair from the bay


Oakley Enthusiast
Draper, Utah
After being gifted a beautiful pair of xx for my wedding .
I got the itch now -.-
Grabbed a pair of Juliet’s off eBay
Gotta get the nose tuned but perfect.
Now just need
X squared

Can anyone tell me what gen from the serial number



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Thanks for the info !
Just gotta get them tuned pretty loose.
I want to maybe get extra lenses
I was told first gen may not be swapped with other Juliet’s ?
In most cases this is true. I wonder if @THE X-MAN agrees.. Many first gen were smaller orbitals, not to mention the left eye (orbital)!frequently seemed to be smaller. So I'll often cut let lens slightly smaller to fit a serialized (or known) first gen.
From my experience, I have been able to install OEM lenses with no issues into gen 1 and gen 2 frames with some being more tight than others. But I have had issues with some lenses with a gen 4 XM finish frame and gen 5 carbon frame. The left orbital would not close on both of those frames on a few sets of lenses but then the same lenses would fit perfectly in the gen 1 frames. Some lenses also slid a little in the left orbital if I tested it but for the most part it fit functionally well. I’ve had to play musical chairs swapping lenses out to solve this :).

There are a few other threads on this topic to.