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So Which One Would YOU Buy?


I should Work at Oakley
Oceanside, Oregon
Tastes vary so I'm sure I'll get anything but a consensus...but what the heck.

You have $140 and for $135-$140 you can buy one of the following. All are NIB.

Oakley Probation Brushed Chrome with Dark Bronze

Oakley Square Whisker VR28 Polarized

Oakley New Square Wire VR28 Polarized

Oakley Straight Jacket Metallic Red with OO Polarized

Oakley Straight Jacket Chrome White with +Red Iridium

Now this pair whatever it is will become essentially my all purpose pair when I want to keep the uber collectibles stored so law mowing, run to store, going for a run etc. From that perspective the Wire and Whisker along with Straight OO fit the bill. Getting the Straight +Red puts it in the collectible category which is great but not for the targeted use...plus the 15% light transmission is an issue for me here in super bright CA...plus I have highly light sensitive eyes. The odd man out here is the Probation in price and functionality but it is in the price range.
I personally will go for the Square Whisker... It's a good run around pair, and also suitable for a bit more formal occasions...

Just my $0.02 worth...
depends which use you will get out of them. . .
i would pick the Oakley Probation Brushed Chrome with Dark Bronze
those are pretty new in stock and they looks cool with a suite and board shorts as well!
I'd go with Black SJ's with Black Iridium...If u are really light sensitive I have found Black and Ice to be the best ...but I cant do polarized so my opinion is skewed...MD's are still great customed w/ Black or Ice..I don't see the white chrome being any more rare than other frames of SJ's...but if u really like it I'd custom it with black lenses or Ice...I just checked it can still be done on O's site but ...will cost more..if u are a citicards customer or know one they have great rewards deals on Oakleys I got Half jackets for 66 BNIB and Polished Black/Black Sj for 77 BNIB...I think the Polarized are around 90-100
i would go probations or straight jackets. i'm actually getting ready to grab a pair of straight jackets for myself. just can't decide on livestrong edition or the oo metallic red