Romeo Van Frogskinstein

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Matte White - Grey OO9013-49 Ron Herman Collection, lens etching, specific microbag, white box. This pair is confirmed to exit BUT...this is an ASIAN FIT Frogskin, thus has been given the standard fit OO9013 sku in error, what should apply here is the OO9245 AF sku.

Surf Deck Blue - Ice Polarized 24-383 Craftsman now confirmed to exist...thank you for your contributions about this glass. It is worth bearing in mind for a good artists this is an easy target to make a copy of since all originals will have a differing frame so a potential problem exists with proof that a genuine pair is authentic, especially if there is no box, label, or microbag to help with clarification.

White - Violet OO9013-07. Confirmed to exist as I have just captured a pair, no doubt an elusive part of the Heritage series demonstrated by the exact frame and lens etching as the regular OO9013-35.


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Stumbled across this forum when researching frog skins. I was in attendance at Osheaga 2012 with some artists that were performing that weekend. A few artists were gifted the Osheaga frogskins backstage. I ended up with three pairs of the 2012 Osheaga frogskins, so they do exist.


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What would you like to know? I gave these out for a team building event. I supplied glasses to many other departments for this purpose as well. This is very common. To give them out, a picture is taken of the eyewear and a list of the people receiving them is generated. Both are given to oakley security so if anyone is caught selling them they can be terminated.

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