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The Microbag Thread


Double Team
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Portland, OR
I personally think the microbags are one of the most underrated products made by Oakley. These are the one item that we all need and yet have so many options, yet another example of how Oakley lets you choose every aspect of your eyewear. What are your favorite microbags? I really like these two recent pickups:
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I can add that the last Microbag in Batwolf's picture is definitely from the 2011/2012 season, because Oakley Jackets have the same print..
I've got three. A basic gold one that came with the Whiskers when I bought them (was the only Oakley Microbag that the sales clerk could find), a 3D patterned one that I bought with the replacement lenses for my Whiskers and a jet black one that came with my OCP Juliets.

I'm looking for the Standard Issue Microbags with the urban camo pattern. At least two of them.
my take is that all the artist series microbags are sweet as! well, maybe not ALL of them, but the Flores pair is right up there with the sweetest of them all.
I've a camo microbag to go with my Snow Camo MD's & i am waiting on the Jupiter jawbone bag to come from the USA. I love the National Flag bags they do. I so want the USA, GB & Flag of St George bags though.

Just one note on the bags. Is the Elite bag with the C-six & Pit Boss different material to the standard ones as mine feels different?