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What grey lenses came with Fast Jacket?


Oakley Beginner
I bought a pair of Fast Jackets on eBay (confirmed as genuine by Oakley) and want to sell the grey lenses they came with (everything looks too drab, VR28 Black Iridium is my go to lens!) but I don't know what they are.
Am I right in thinking polished black frames shipped only with Black Iridium lenses or Slate Grey? How can I tell the difference for sure?

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X Metal Workshop
you can easily tell if a pair of lenses have mirror coating or not. Here's a catalog of the default colorways: O-Review

If your pair is retail colorway (ie. not Oakley custom) and hasn't been adulterated by the previous owner, then a polished black frame is always paired with Black Iridium lenses.

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