Who digs polarized above all else, lens color be damned?

  • If I've got the extra scratch, then I'll go Polarized....if not, I'm good with standard lenses

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  • Polarized, meh? I'll just get what looks best.

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  • Nope, Polarized is for suckas!

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Oakley Beginner
View attachment 230251 Chainlinks with 00 Red Iridium Polarized - I swapped out the Violet Iridium lenses - the sales guy was great! at Tanger Outlets in Kanata - cos I can't not have me some Polarized lenses. After having had my Crosslink Retinas since '14, now I'm 'Link family cool in the sun and in the shade! I've worn Half and Flak jackets exclusively for years...these Chailinks have taken over when it's sunny, though I still prefer Flaks when driving, day or night - 'script Flaks for driving - for visibility sake.

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