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X-Metal cabinet


Oakley Enthusiast
This was a marketplace find. Finally I can showcase the collection. Very happy with my purchase. Don't think theres many of these in my country.


Looks great! Fantastic shape. I added one last year that needed a lot of work but they look amazing when they are clean.
Yeah they do look really cool. I got this from a non-collector who said she bought it many years ago from a seller that sold lots of other stuff, I assume items from bankrupt companies.

Also she just wanted to get rid of it so she sold it to me for the same price she had bought it which was 100€. Just goes to show that its cool even if you don't really know anything about Oakley.
yeah mate, been on the hunt for one for AGES! That display is really cool so hard to get hold of for sensible price in the U.K. your really lucky to have one