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10 Facts About Oakley’s Headquarters That Will Make You Want to Visit Now

From a tank to beer taps, we’ll show you why Oakley Headquarters in California is absolutely wild!

10 Oakley Headquarters Facts You Won’t Believe

Oakley’s Interplanetary Headquarters (Yes, that’s the actual name) is located at 1 Icon Foothill Ranch, California, 92610 – about an hour south of Los Angeles. And we’ve got some of the coolest facts about the Headquarters that will have you booking a flight as soon as possible!

1. The HQ was designed by Jim Jannard and Colin Baden straight from the movies!

The founder of Oakley, Jim Jannard, and Colin Baden, current CEO and then Director of Design, were responsible for designing the HQ. As for their inspiration, Jim Jannard answered in our Q&A that “…Colin and I referenced “Blade Runner” and “Metropolis” for the building. I then showed him an Indian gold coin… which was the inspiration for the entry.”

The result:

Oakley Foothill Ranch Headquarters
Oakleys Foothill Ranch Headquarters

2. The Architect also built the 5th Avenue Oakley and Nascar Hall of Fame

The Architecture firm, A Zahner Co. that built the Oakley Headquarters in 1997-98, also built the Oakley 5th Avenue Flagship store (another Colin Baden design). Zahner is also the firm responsible for the Nascar Hall of Fame, DFW’s latest terminal, and countless other projects.

Oakley Fifth Avenue Store
Oakley Fifth Avenue Store – Photo by A. ZAHNER CO

3. They Have a Tank And it Works!

Yes, you heard that right! Outside the HQ is a full-size, fully operational tank with the Oakley name painted across the side.

Oakley Tank outside the HQ
Oakley Tank outside the HQ – Photo by V2Oak
Tank Xing sign at HQ
Tank Xing sign at HQ – Photo by Dyeraudio

4. There is a dirt RC car and BMX Track!

We’re beginning to wonder whether people ever actually work at the Oakley HQ. Outside the main HQ building is a full dirt RC car course and BMX track for racing (bring your own RC car and bike)!

Dirt RC car course outside Oakley HQ
Dirt RC car course outside Oakley HQ – Photo by eldiablojoe

5. There is a full size torpedo mounted outside!

Outside the main entrance at the Foothill Ranch HQ is a full-size torpedo. As you see the HQ you can see the inspiration and nods to the military. The company has also always taken care of Military, First Responders, and Service men and women through its Standard Issue Program which provides discounts up to 50% to those who qualify!

Torpedo mounted outside Oakley HQ
Torpedo mounted outside Oakley HQ – Photo by xmetalmaniac

6. The HQ Desk was actually built years later than the building!

If you ever visit the HQ you’ll likely notice the reception desk once you enter the building. Built to match the same aesthetic of the bunker HQ, it actually wasn’t created until years after the original 1997-98 build.

Oakley HQ Front Desk
Oakley HQ Front Desk – Photo by cargo

7. They can repair Oakleys other stores can’t!

The Oakley Headquarters has a complete customer service desk and often can repair Oakley’s that are sold out/discontinued using parts from storage. Though once the parts have run out you may be out of luck. You can often also get this exclusive repair service by calling the Oakley customer service line.

The HQ also contains a full museum and tours are available for guests but call ahead to confirm as it can change based on availability and renovations.

Oakley HQ Lobby near the customer service walk-in center
Oakley HQ Lobby near the customer service walk-in center – Photo by mtb-nj

8. The waiting room seats are ejector seats from a real fighter jet!

You might want to watch what you say in the Oakley HQ! The seats in the waiting room of the reception area are actual ejector seats from a fighter jet. CEO Colin Baden has similar ejector seats in the waiting area for his office!

Ejector seats in the Oakley reception area
Ejector seats in the Oakley reception area – Photo by xmetalmaniac

9. Employees (and some guests) can fuel up with beer!

The Oakley Headquarters has one of the most apocalyptic bars we’ve ever seen! It’s meant to fuel up employee’s after hours but some guests also get the red carpet treatment with a icy cold beer!

Oakley Beer Taps at HQ
Oakley Beer Taps at HQ – Photo by reggavegga

10. There is a full Auditorium within the building.

Within the walls of the bunker is a full auditorium for company presentations, product releases, and conferences! Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll announce an Oakley Mars 2 there next?

Oakley Headquarter Auditorium
Oakley Headquarter Auditorium – Photo by Cargo
Auditorium view from the stage
Auditorium view from the stage – Photo by Cargo

So will you be making a trip to the Oakley Headquarters in California? For more inspiration check out 25 Amazing Oakley Facts from the founder Jim Jannard himself!

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Cincinnati, Ohio
I was lucky enough to enjoy the ENGINE ROOM. Crazy where it is located. Every square inch of the walls are signed by people who have been there. The hardwood flooring is from the basketball court that was in the headquarters .NBA players used to play pick up games on the court. I was able to get pics with the tank but no ride. I went on my 50th birthday (thanks to my awesome wife for setting it up as a surprise). Got the grand tour. They gave me a pair of sunglasses ,backpack the guide gave me a pewter bike badge , a giclee, some stickers, a hat and our connection there gave me a employee badge all for my birthday. They also gave my wife a pair of sunglasses. A great day all in all.

Jason Hartbarger

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Someone please take me to the ER :)



Retired from this crap
As fun as the HQ is they don’t let visitors use the BMX track in the back! It’s crazy and has huge dirt jumps!

as for the rest it’s a must see experience! I just wish the back offices and special stuff like engine room was more available to the public or people who wanted to go to see it (not so much as go in ahah, gotta keep that for us special folk)

random fact their cafeteria has the most amazing random food choices! Hahah India food, pizza, pasta, sandwiches , burgers!!