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When are Oakley Sales? [Complete Discount Guide]

The easiest way to save on new Oakley sunglasses is through Oakley sales. And while coupon codes, discounts, and aftermarket exchanges can sometimes save more, they often require a bit more time hunting and searching than a public sale on Oakley.com.

In this guide, we’ll review exactly when Oakley has sales on its sunglasses and other products. Plus how much you can expect to save during sales.

When are Oakley Sales and Discounts?

Like most retailers, Oakley sales typically run during American holiday weekends and events.

But it’s not the only time you can find discounts.

They also run a sales and clearance section of their site where you can find discounts year-round.

Keep reading below as we review the difference between “Holiday Sales” and “Sales and Clearance”. Plus the exact Oakley sales calendar for the next year.

Oakley Store Front
Oakley Store Black Friday Sale

Sales and Clearance

As we mentioned you can find year-round sales at Oakley stores and on Oakley.com through the sales and clearance site. This also works for most brick-and-mortar stores that carry Oakley products, like SunglassHut and Macys.

On Oakley’s site, you’ll find these pairs in the sale section.

You can filter by the size of the discount, typically 30% off or 50% off. During non-sales weekends, you’ll usually find less popular and soon-to-be discontinued sunglasses.

U.S Holidays

The biggest sale day of the year is, of course, Black Friday. The entire Thanksgiving weekend is often filled with special discounts and sales that spill into Cyber Monday.

For more, be sure to check out our full Oakley Black Friday and Cyber Monday guide.

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are also known for big discount retail sales, as are the 4th of July and President’s Day. Seasonal sales are also popular, especially in spring and summer for sunglasses and winter for goggles.

Oakley does often adjust this schedule for international sites based on local Holidays. We’ve seen Oakley run Mexico’s Black Friday equivalent the week before the United States per their normal calendar.

Check out the complete Oakley sales schedule below for the complete list.

Typical Oakley Sales Schedule

In a typical year, Oakley runs 10-12 sales per year. We’ve included the approximate schedule below:

  • January (1/1-1/5): New Years
  • February (2/20-2/24): End of Season Snow / Presidents Day Weekend
  • April (4/20-4/24): Oakley MVP Days
  • May (5/27-5/30): Memorial Day Weekend
  • July (7/1-7/4): July 4th Weekend
  • Late August / Early September (8/30-9/7) : Labor Day Weekend
  • Mid-November (11/10-11/18): Friends and Family
  • End of November (11/19-11/30): Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • End of December (12/25-1/1): End of Season

*Note: All dates are approximate estimations based on previous Oakley sales

How Much Can You Save During an Oakley Sale?

For Oakley sales, you’ll typically find discounts of 20-50%.

The most common discounts are 30 and 50% off. However, the 50% off pairs are usually less popular frames that may be discontinued soon.

Oakley Sales
An example Oakley sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales often have the biggest discounts site-wide since there’s a lot of competition during that weekend.

To grab people’s attention Oakley’s sales need to offer substantial savings.

Do All Oakleys Go on Sale?

No, you’re unlikely to find every Oakley style on sale at the same time.

But there will be an occasional site-wide or store-wide discount or sale. These are more common during major sale weekends like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You’ll often find less popular colors and styles in the sale section or with larger markdowns during sales events. The tail end of special edition collections may also find their way into deep discounts as Oakley sells down their stock.

Are Sales Online or In-Store?

Oakley sales are available both in-store and online.

But similar to most brands you’ll usually find the most selection available online through Oakley.com

If you’re heading to an Oakley store, it’s key to also know how sales differ between Oakley stores and Oakley Vaults.

Oakley Stores vs. Oakley Vault sales

Oakley has two types of stores: Oakley Stores and Oakley Vaults.

Oakley Stores are standard retailers, while Oakley Vaults are discount outlets often found in outlet malls. Check out our full Oakley Vault guide for everything to know about these outlet stores.

Oakley Vault Store
Oakley Vault Outlet Store

Overall Oakley stores will have the same sales as their website. This is the same as the calendar we outlined above.

Oakley Vaults carry discontinued or overstock items and other bits and pieces that don’t quite make it to the Oakley Store level. And like any outlet, you’ll find great discounts at Oakley Vaults, any time of year.

If you find an Oakley Vault having an additional sale, take your time and look at what they have. You may find something unexpected at a very low price. These are also great locations to look for replacement parts.

For more ways to save, check out our Never Pay Retail for Oakleys Again Guide.

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