1. U

    For Sale Gearbox & Detonator

    Hello OF for sale a detonador and gearbox with very low use, both have perfect the crystals without bumps or breaks. Detonator Honed / Silver SKU: 10-136 9,5/10 condition don’t have box or papers only watch and need battery work perfect. #SOLD Gearbox Brushed / White SKU: 10-064 9,5/10...
  2. U

    Sold Black/Gold Gearbox $290

    I have a black and gold gearbox in good shape. Has plastic still on back case. Usual swirl marks in the gold bezel. Has almost like stain on the case that I pointed out in a picture not sure if it came from the factory this way or what. I received it with the stain and not sure if it can be...
  3. U

    For Sale Gearbox PVD Gold

    Just as the title says, one of my many watches, wasn’t a consistent wear. Needs a new battery. Asking $350 plus ship. Includes case and box.
  4. U

    Sold Gearbox Brushed with White Face

    Selling a Gearbox with white face. Battery was replaced in August. Comes with display box, outer cardboard box and paperwork. No scratches on sapphire. Some scratches on case back and on the front at 3 o’clock. See pics for condition. Rubber band is like new. Asking $old shipped. PP G&S, CONUS...
  5. mustangjt

    Stealth Black and Yellow Gearbox Floating Flakes

    Hello all! Just got a Gearbox I bought off the bay. It appears to be in great condition. Possibly never worn. One slight issue. I see some yellow flakes floating inside the watch. There a large sliver at 9 o’clock. A small one at 2 o’clock. And one at three. I shook it a bit and the one at three...
  6. U

    Buying Automatic Gearbox

    LTB a rubber or Ti GB in excellent to like new condition. PM if you have a lead Thanks
  7. U

    Sold Various Gearbox Watch Sale

    I'm putting multiple Gearbox's in this same thread so I can't post more than 15 pictures but if you want more please PM me. There are 4 Gearbox's listed so you will have to scroll :) Brushed case with Black and Tan Face, new never worn just display, with white sleeve, black box, and ballistic...
  8. R

    New Member from Australia - requiring metal watch band.

    Hello All, I'm trying to purchase a metal titanium band for my Automatic Gearbox watch, which currently has the rubber unobtanium band. It's near impossible to purchase one directly from Oakley USA. If anyone can help with contacts or any ideas that would be fantastic. Thank you guys.
  9. U

    Sold Ti Auto Gearbox

    Selling the last of my watches... Worn once for my wedding and kept in storage the rest of the time. Comes complete with the white outer box, black storage box, original Ti bracelet band ( it was sized to my wrist but all the links are there and complete), after market leather strap, bezel...
  10. U

    For Sale Gold gearbox

    i can post pictures later. But it's gold with the black band. Limited edition. Needs a new battery and I don't have the box. It's in really good shape. I might have worn it for 40 hours total. Asking $275 shipped in the US
  11. The_Darkone

    A little time from the Darkside

    It doesn't really matter what time it is on the Darkside because once you enter you are never leaving :vinsent: but thought I would share a few pieces I have collected from the poor souls who have entered...... Just waiting on a few more guests to arrive
  12. U

    Buying Gearbox gold

    Looking to acquire a Gearbox (gold) with black strap. Price, condition, warranty, battery life. Thanks!
  13. U

    Buying IH Warrant

    Hi gang. I'm looking for an IH Warrant if anyone is willing to part with one. Must be complete and in good condition. I'm not looking for a deal. I know it's not easy to come by and I'm willing to pay top dollar for it.
  14. U

    Sold Oakley Gearbox Brushed Titanium / Black & Carbon 10-042

    Watch case is in NEW condition, the band has some tiny marks (comes from a different watch). Asking for $450 conus, worldwide shipping available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. U

    Sold 2012 London Olympic Gearbox

    Brand new White/Gold faced Gearbox. Only given to Oakley athletes who won gold medals at London Olympics - not for public purchase. Back casing has special London engraving (see pics) Never worn, Everything in perfect condition. All booklets included. Watch is in Australia, will post anywhere...
  16. U

    Sold Gearbox strap

    For sale a set of gear box rubber straps. They came with my automatic gear box but I switched them out after I acquired a titanium braclet. Does not come with extra hardware just what is in the picture. Don't really need them and I am trying to fund another purchase. Asking SOLD G&S shipped...
  17. Jmgarcia

    New strap... Yes or no?

    I've been on the hunt for a similar strap to the light brown one I found online. This is as close as I could get. So what do you guys and gals think? Yes or no?
  18. U

    Sold PRICE DROP: Watches- Bottle Cap / Gearbox

    Selling some watches. All are in new condition and comes complete with outer box with label, inner black box, and watch vault. Prices include PayPal fees and shipping to CONUS. International shipping is $30 extra. See pics and prices below. Bottle Cap White Dial - $210 Gearbox Brushed Tan Dial...
  19. U

    Sold Brushed Tan Gearbox

    Selling my brushed tan Gearbox. Watch is in great condition. The crystal has no visible scratches, however there is what appears to be a water stain by the 7 o'clock area. I tried wiping it off but it won't come off. No visible scratches on case and no issues on the band. Comes with the outer...
  20. U

    Sold Stealth gearbox

    Hey guys I decided to sell my stealth gearbox. I bought off another member and decided I want a different watch (hollowpoint) lol. Watch is in really good condition a few small marks but nothing really noticeable. Band still smells like vanilla. I included some pics. I would like to get SOLD...
  21. BHarry

    I love this time of year!

    There are always lots of people listing lots off stuff around the holidays. Which means there are deals to be had. I made sure I had a little extra funds and a short list of some possible targets. I was looking for a new XX, XS or a R1. I also was hoping for a watch for daily wear. I found a...
  22. U

    For Sale Holiday Gearbox Expedient Camo

    Brand new, never worn, complete. $450 shipped, PayPal fees included. International shipping will be extra. No trades.
  23. Foldupcup

    Watches so far and what you should be looking at

    So I've got a titanium gearbox and a titanium 12 gauge. I am really thinking about getting a polished OMM with the black face because I feel like those are going to be better as an investment vs the blue faced ones. Remember kids, black goes with everything! lol
  24. Foldupcup

    Collection so far!

    Started about 3 years ago! Here is what I have so far! Glasses Juliet Dark Carbon w/ Black Iridium Polarized X Squared Dark Carbon w/ Black Iridium Polarized Madman Ferrari Dark Carbon w/ Black Iridium Polarized Antix Ernesto Fonseca w/ VR28 Black Iridium Polarized Dispatch II Ducati Matte...
  25. U

    Sold BNIB Ti Brushed / Black Carbon Dial Gearbox

    Second watch I am posting from the Scratch/Reveal event. Again I got a 50% so I picked up a few watches. The price is $497 plus shipping CONUS only. The price includes watch, state tax, and PayPal G&S fees. No Trades accepted and price isn't negotiable as I will just return to Oakley. Again...
  26. SouLFuLFroG

    The vault today.

    I headed out to check out the sale happening at the vault I mostly go to. My friend there helped me with the tear and save cards. Up to 50%. Luckily I was able to get a 50% card. I'm not sure how I get so lucky lol. Picked up my first watch that I've been eyeing for a while now. After tax in 220...
  27. The_Darkone

    Filled my Gearbox

    My newest edition is on the right "Expedient"
  28. Mits0108

    Gearbox acting weird... maybe? Or is the battery low?

    Hi Haven't seen this problem in a watch before......(then again I have been a recent convert to Oakley watches)..... but maybe someone knows what this problem is......... Is it an end of life battery? Or is something broken inside?......... The second counter stops then jumps ahead every...
  29. U

    Sold (or trade) Oakley gearbox TITANIUM/carbon fiber unobtanium strap watch

    Selling or trade my titanium gearbox (unobtanium strap edition) for maybe stainless steel WHITE gearbox, or All black or stainless steel (not rose gold bezel) killswitch watch or double tap... Or maybe x metals? Watch will come with nylon vault case, original cardboard box and paperwork...
  30. U

    For Sale Gearbox White Dial

    White Dial Gearbox complete with boxes and paperwork. Bezel has a couple light scratches, back casing has a small scratch, and crystal has a couple pin head sized marks, works perfect. $220 shipped paypal gifted or add the 4% for fees.