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  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Batwolf's Two Cents - v0.2

    I have found lately, especially on eBay, that people take advantage of certain words to make their item seem better. This is worse in the sunglass world. And eBay isn't the only place, Craigslist is bad for this too.

    I guess as a collector I'm a little bit picky so when I say something is in a certain condition, I give an honest assessment. Some people think that a worn pair from the 90's is in great condition just because it's still together, though they may have several scratches and scuffs. Everyone also thinks that their stuff is pure gold and is special.

    Personally I'm getting tired of peoples waywardly optimistic views on their items. I found this to be even worse in the car market but it's pretty bad here as well. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there and see what you guys thought about this.
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  2. AtmosPlease?

    AtmosPlease? Oakley Beginner

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    That is sales in general man, but definitely agree
  3. sideways

    sideways Oakley Enthusiast

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    I agree. I read a description on a set of splice that was considered to be in "new condition".

    The guy said "I have worn these a lot since they were my personal glasses for years, but they are in new condition":/

    He also overpriced them because his friend told him that they are very rare. Lol
  4. Oakley_Sight

    Oakley_Sight Gotta love a good DOG

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    Mint Condition...............does that mean it's a POLO (got a hole in the middle?)
  5. atrain

    atrain O-Forums Boss of Bosses

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    Its hard to get honest opinions when its poeple you dont know. Im very wary of this. A 9/10 for them could be a 6/10 for me. Keep up the good work batwolf, always a good read.
  6. Oakle y

    Oakle y Something Something Darkside Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Absolutely agree, there is possibly noting more frustrating than buying "new" items only to find out thay are in less than perfect condition.

    Generally it is something minor that might only be an issue to me as other wouldn't even notice or see it but I know its there and it frustrates the heck out of me.
  7. OpinionatedOakley

    OpinionatedOakley Oakley Beginner

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    I once received a message from an ebay seller who stated that the term "mint condition" should be used to describe his shades that had a number of scratches in the frame and lenses. There are some dummies out there.

    What can complicate the issue is that "new" sunglasses does not necessarily mean "undamaged". A pair one buys new from an O-store could have handling damage including small scratches on the lenses from all the people that try them on.

    Another confusion is the difference between "wear" and "damage". A lens does not have scratches from "wear". It has scratches from ramming it into objects it was not designed to be rammed into. Tattered/stretched earsocks is wear. Rubbed off finish on the tips of earstems is wear. Scratched lenses are not wear. Scratched upper orbitals is not wear. That is damage.
  8. s3sunruh

    s3sunruh Oakley Collector

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    This is why I like to message with the seller and get a more detailed array of pictures if I can. If they aren't willing to give me a picture of a lens up close, they aren't worth my time. But it does remind me of looking in a car classified ad. "1982 Ford Bronco, Needs new gearbox, Runs good."
  9. mtedenajimenez

    mtedenajimenez Oakley Beginner

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    100% agree! No...1000% agree!!!! Hate this! I have caught some ebay Oakley sellers with high feedback on this as well. My collection would be a lot bigger if all the glasses I bought advertised as flawless were actually as stated. The money isn't the worst thing about this hobby, it's the frustration I have with exactly this topic. I don't have a problem paying to play, I'll pay damn well, but the glasses better be as stated relative to what I'm paying. I can understand it from a big company selling glasses as they don't check their stock, and sorta-kinda from a non-collector who maybe doesn't really know what to look for, but this really pisses me off from other people who I know are collectors b/c then it's just straight up dishonesty. Those are the people that should be able to rate glasses.

    A lot of people also hide behind the phrase "new." A lot of times when I ask very specific questions about certain areas, the response I get a lot is they're "NIB," the end. Like Oakley poops out pure gold; what about the factory flaws, and handling flaws? That counts towards the "mint condition" statement, ugh..

    I wish like how there are sports memorabilia shows, where people bring their rare stuff and you get to see it before buying, that there would be something similar for Oakley glasses (is there? let me know, i'll plan a trip). Forget ebay, I'd just go to those shows. Then it'd be like mint w/ box so and so you say? well, let me see it!

    Just hit a major pet peeve of mine right on the button w/ this thread! lol!
  10. nalong86

    nalong86 Oakley Beginner

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    It is funny you bring this up today. I recieved a pair of juliets that I purchased on ebay listed in "perfect used condtion". I recieved them with light scratches on the lenses and the worst nosebridge I have EVER seen on a pair of x metals...It was like there was nothing left inside the coupler anymore.