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🦘Top Tips to Grow Your Oakley Collection

Good stuff here @cacatman wish I had read this when I first started, or had this information available.

My lessons learned so far are:
1. It’s your collection and your collection only (unless you have a sugar daddy that buys you stuff) so avoiding making it a competition. If someone has something you like/need, stick around and you might get lucky and get to pick it up. There are lots of “retirement sale” that go on and they sell some pretty good stuff.
2. Have fun with it, if it becomes a chore more than a hobby then your not going to enjoy it and will only buy stuff because you think you have to.
Updated. Thanks @Jmgarcia. @The Dark Gnat yours was already integrated in @Jmgarcia's comment.

#4 describes me. My collection has been paid for by buying selling and trading. After a few initial purchases I've been able to just roll over funds from sales to other purchases. No money put of pocket. I made 1 purchase out of pocket this year then i sold it.
Great write up.