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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by David_Oakley, 2/16/16.

  1. David_Oakley


    I've seen some examples in the past of copper pennies looking significantly lighter in color than the traditional copper tone associated with copper pennies.

    I display mine in a display tower that is not in contact with direct sunlight ever. I never wear it either. So is there a possibility for the copper finish to fade from extended displaying?

    Sounds like a silly question, but just something I thought I'd ask.


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  2. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member

    Might be due to paint oxidation. Natural discolouration caused by being in the atmosphere.

  3. David_Oakley


    so If I were to leave it in the display indoors...out of direct sunlight.....should retain its original color?

  4. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I would say no, that contact with air is a greater contributor to oxidation than UV.

  5. David_Oakley


    well that is certainly not the answer I was hoping for...but truth hurts ;)

    so this begs a follow up questions......the copper finish is not real copper is it? or is it?

    Are there any collectors on here that have displayed their copper pennies the entire time of ownership (for years) without issues of discoloration etc?

  6. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member

    The only problem here is it will be a subjective answer, not an objective one.........

  7. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    To the best of my knowledge the finish is a copper plating with a clear coating over.
    I would think if this were not the case that the copper finish would corrode much quicker than it appears to degrade.

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