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Crosshair Gen 1 help

Lars Sandejas

Oakley Beginner
Hi everyone!

Did a search on the various threads and couldn't locate what I was looking for, so thought to ask directly.

Doing a search on crosshair lenses via ebay or the internet can be confusing because it doesn't always state which generation it's for, and I'm looking for lenses specifically for Gen 1. Based on what I've learned here, there are two bevel shapes for the lenses (tapered and L).

I was wondering if anyone actually had the SKUs for the Replacement Lenses from Oakley that would help narrow it down a little?

I'm a victim of the peel, and I have these mint frames that could use some new lenses - appreciate any help - thank you! :)
I think they are considered Crosshair 1.0 , Crosshair 2012, 2.0 and Crosshair S

I see that Fuse makes all 3 versions of replacement lenses for them. I haven't tried Fuse lenses though so I couldn't say if they were good or not.
Crosshair 1.0 had the 2 different bevel systems. Sadly I don't have enough oem retail crosshair lenses to give you all the sku codes...
FYI the change was a running change so there are both tapered and L shaped under the same SKU.
Thanks for weighing in, guys! I actually sent an inquiry to a ebay seller, and he stated that there are only 2 kinds of lenses, Gen 1 and 3 use the same lenses. I have no idea how that could possibly be...

@jd332, any chance you can list out any codes handy? May be a step towards building a list.

Thanks all!